I sat across from you at that table in Kelsey’s restaurant, confused and hurt.  You were no longer a friend of mine – the sweet, funny, weird girl I had grown to adore and I was proud to call my friend.  You were now a meal girl, someone who had brought me to that restaurant under the pretense that we were going to talk and work out our, what I believed was a small, misunderstanding,  Instead, I sat across from you at that restaurant and took a verbal beating.  You yelled at me, taunted me, interrupted me, even laughed at me.  You came to that restaurant to humiliate me and make me feel like a terrible person.  I walked into that restaurant believing I would be smiling and laughing over lunch.  Instead I left feeling like an awful friend and was crying.  Right before we left our booth, you said to me “I want to be your friend, but I’m not sure what that means right now.  I consider this event a huge setback for us.”  You made it clear that you needed to think about what our ongoing friendship would look like… and if I was good, if I played the right cards and pleased you enough, we could go back to being the great friends we were before.  You forgot to consider this, though:


What if I don’t want to be your friend anymore?

Mama Bear 

It took every ounce of my being not to lose my shit.

Let me set the scene:

We decide to take the girls to an indoor playground.  We’ve been there once before and they enjoyed it so much, we couldn’t wait to go back.

My girls are 15 months, but they are active.  They are also a little big for their age, but still only 15 months.  

At this venue, there are two toddler areas for kids 3 and under.  They are not restricted to these areas, it’s more for shyer kids and if the toddler needs a vacation or some down time.  Less climbing, smaller slides, toys and books.  You get it.  

We took the girls through the obstacle course one time and then decided to hang out in the toddler area for a while.  I left hubs with the kids while I used the washroom and when I came back, Apple was playing with a toy and there was a boy near her, playing with the same toy (4 sides to this thing).  I stood there for a second and then this kid started poking Apple in the belly – HARD.  I moved her away, but she thought it was funny so she kept going back.  This little monster started to full on push my baby, so I moved her away and said to this 3, maybe 4 or 5, year old “Please be nice, she is a baby.”  he looked at me and told me to fuck off.  Not really, but his eyes said that.  Well, Apple goes to go near this little jerk again, so I steer  her away.  This boy says “Its ok, I’m done with that toy.”  Fine.  Against my better judgement, I let her go to the toy.  The minute She went to touch the toy, this kid smacked her hand.  On my way over to move her, this kid pushes my Apple!  I hold her hand, look the little jerk right in the eyes and said “DO NOT push her.”  I didn’t raise my voice, I didn’t cuss, I was calm but stern.  Cody took Apple and led her away, making a comment about there being an scene, and I looked for the kids mother.  There were 10 billion moms there and no one claiming this one.  What bugged me is that there is to be a parent with any kid in the toddler area.  This kids mom should have been a witness to his shitty behaviour.  So, Cody was helping the girls go up the little slide, but we all know from my post two days ago that it is easier, and safer, to handle slides 1 to 1.  I decide to climb up and wait on the platform to help the girls sit and slide (cause A litterally stepped to the edge of the slide and was going to try surfing down. No bueno.)  I send Banana down : No problem.  Apple starts climbing up the steps, Jerk Face barells past her and jumps in front to slide down first.  I’m like “fine…. Let it go.  Find your inner Elsa, beans.”  I wait.  This brat stops at the end of the slide.  Literally stops and looks back at me.  I move Apple to the other side of the slide, HE JUMPS OVER AND SITS DOWN, BLOCKING HER PATH.  

What the fuck, guys?!  Are kids really like this?!  

I had enough and called Cody over.  Wouldn’t you know it, this kid decides to piss off.  I was tempted to send Apple down to kick him in the ass.  I followed Apple down, grabbed my girls and we all went through the obstacle course again, no issues.  

The whole incident really bothered me.  I cannot believe parents let their children act like that towards other kids.  I had no idea I would react so strongly.  My instinct to protect is STRONG.  

I continued to think about it, and near the end of the night I told Cody I was still upset, but for a new reason….

There are always going to be bullies.  Odds are they will be picked on, or self conscious, or whatever.  That is reality, I understand, but what upsets me is this:  I will not always be there to do something about it.  And it kills me.  Knowing that my kids are going to cry because someone hurt them, or their sister, makes me so sad.  I am not looking forward to talks I will have to have where i explain that people are just mean to each other, but please don’t be mean back.

Obviously that means I have to keep my kids locked in the house forever.