I’m touched out.  I’m cranky.  The girls are cranky and clingy.  One has a cold, the other is about to get a cold.  They won’t eat, they won’t drink.  Nothing is good enough.  Put the Wiggles on tv – not good enough, we want Peppa.  Put Peppa on, now we want to destroy the house.

I need a babysitter.

Didn’t Expect to Ever Do That…

When you’re a parent, you lose all sense of…. Everything.  That doesn’t even make sense, both I lost that ability as well.

Anyway, I never get privacy.  Ever.  I pee with the door open.  Usually I can poop alone cause my husband is able to watch the girls while I run upstairs.  

Yes, this is a poop story.  Elisha, you’ll appreciate a poop story 😉

Ok, so we went to a birthday party and I ate shitty food.  My husband left for work.  Peppa is babysitting, felt the need, so I decided to poop in the en suite with the door open.  Wouldn’t you know it – the short twin comes in and starts getting into trouble.  As usual.  So I’m sitting there, awkward cause I’m pooping and my kid is looking right in my eyes and being a – hahaha – turd.  I started to lecture her and tell her to stop her ridiculous toddler behaviour of destroying anything and everything.  She eventually left.  

Anyway, I just never expected to Ever scold someone while pooping.

I also naively expected to poop in privacy my whole life, but I guess life is full of surprises…