Starting Again

We went out and finally bought a new computer!  I am hoping that this will make it easier to write my posts more often.  I’ve been wanting to write and get some feelings and thoughts out, but with only being able to use to WP app, I just didn’t have the patience.  I swear – everytime I would write a post, it would delete and I’d have to start over.  Ain’t nobody got time for that.  (I swore I would never use that term, but it seemed apt for this occasion!)

So, my friends – thank you for sticking with me.  I hope to be able to bring you some fun stories again.  And Cody and I are also trying to get pregnant again, so that stuff will be making a regular appearance as well.

OH!  And the Dove campaign!!  I completely forgot.  I’ll post more about that next time.  What an amazing opportunity, let me tell you.

I am also going to be starting another blog, though I am not sure I’ll be posting anything between the two.  Who knows, maybe I’ll link to it as well.

Hope you’re all doing well.  Even though I haven’t been posting, I’ve been keeping up with you all.

Talk to you soon,



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