How can pregnancy announcements still upset me so much?  

A friend of mine callously announced that she is pregnant with twins.  Oooh, look at you, Fertile Franny!  You can do it so easily, but little ole me needed 2 Fucking solid years of fertility treatments.  She even made a comment that the doctor asked her repeatedly if she did treatments.  She even said that there were 3 in there, but I guess only 2 had heartbeats.  She even said “thank god”, which kind of makes her an asshole.

I’m sick of this feeling.  I want 100 more kids, but I probably wont be so lucky.  And I’m so GD grateful for my amazing little princesses, so I feel terrible for even being upset.

I’m sorry I never post anymore.  I promise to do an update soon.
Love to you all


3 thoughts on “WHYYYYYYYYYYYY

  1. We are cycling again – and I’ve been feeling sensitive to these things again lately too. Sigh. The infertile mindset never leaves us even after becoming parents. It’s a cruel twist.

  2. I’m the same way. I get so fucking bitter about it too. I’m getting impatient. I don’t want to wait for everything to fall into place. I want my baby and I want her now. People suck. No matter how many kids you have or don’t have it will always be okay for you to feel this way. 2 years of fertility treatments and god knows how much time, money, blood and tears you put out when there are woman who get pregnant by accident without effort… You’re entitled to be a little bitter

  3. We are starting again with a new FS. First month Ovulation Induction, second month IUI and then meet again in Oct to start IVF if those two do not work.
    I’m there with you feeling your pain. xx

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