That’s my new word combo of nervous and excited.  Feel free to use it.

Why am I nervited??

Well….. Penelope, Charlotte, and I are one of the families chosen for the New Dove campaign for new moms.  I don’t know too many details yet, but a photographer is coming to capture our lives for the next two days!  

I’m not supposed to clean up too much (but I did cause my anxiety makes me do it – I did reign it in a lot though), and they don’t expect or want me to dress up or do make up and stuff.  Just a real mom with her babies, doing what I would do on any other day.

I didn’t expect to be chosen.  I entered us in on a whim, told my story of infertility, then loss, then depression after everything should have been “perfect”.  I then told them that my story, sadly, is not that unique. It’s just that no one talks about people like me, and I really think that should change.  

If I get to tell my story and it helps one person to feel like they, too, can share their story and struggles…. Well, then I guess that could be just effing awesome.

When I have more details, I’ll be sure to share them.

Much love, 

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