Please. Please, Just Sleep

What.  The.  Shit.

My kids went from being great sleepers to suddenly seeing it as a form of medieval torture.

Banana has always gone right to sleep, in her crib, without fussing since the very beginning.

In March, I finally got a rocking chair to help Apple fall asleep.  Since then, we had made major progress, to the point where she was sleeping thought the night and she was even refusing the rocking before being put down.

I don’t know if it’s cause they are getting over this cold… Or cause we went on vacation… Or cause they’re 16 month old toddlers going through the 18 month sleep regression early.  But this sucks.

Banana cries her little face off when you put her down to sleep.  She is also waking up in the middle of the night to be cuddled and it takes at least a half hour to get her back to bed.  And her ONE nap?  Lasts max 45 minutes

Apple is losing her mind when you try to put her down to sleep.  She wants to be rocked for a minimum of an hour.  Its a total freak out until she just cries herself to sleep, basically.  Thankfully, she’s still sleeping through the night and has a full 2 hour nap.  FOR NOW.

It’s killing me, people.  I am not used to the sleep deprivation anymore.

If this is an early sleep regression, it is said to be the worst one AND it can last about 6 weeks.  SIX WEEKS!  Holy Mary, Mother of God.

Helppppppp meeeeeeee.


sleepily yours,


4 thoughts on “Please. Please, Just Sleep

  1. No sleep is the worst!!!! Especially when your used to sleep! I am petrified one day Baby MPB is going to stop being a pretty amazing sleeper, I’m dreading just the possibility of it! I hope you find sleep asap!

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