My kids very rarely get sick.  In 15 months, Apple and Banana have only been sick 3 times.  

We are currently dealing with #4.  And it’s a doozy!

We drove 8 hours north to visit my family on Wednesday last week.  On the way there, B vomited for the first time in her life.  It was terrifying.  She was fine immediately after, and we figured it was car sickness (which has been proven wrong since it didn’t happen again).

We got home on Saturday, and Sunday morning B had a runny nose.  By the afternoon, She was coughing and sneezing.  This morning, A woke up with the runny nose.  By the afternoon, both had moderate fevers, coughing, and sneezing.  And SNOT.  Apple woke up from her nap and was burning up.  She had some awful diarrhea and about an hour after waking up, was barfing.  Just after dinner she was already having diarrhea.

Tylenol, Pedialyte, PediaSure, water, and whatever food they will eat is how we are handling this.  They are sleeping A LOT, and are super snuggly.  We are going to monitor through the night and if there’s no improvement, we will be heading to see the doc!

Side note: hubs and in are both sick as well, which adds another level of fun.  Wouldn’t you know it, Cody actually had me PLACE THE TYLENOL in his mouth for him.  That Man Cold is super serious.  
Send us your get well vibes, please! 

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