Slightly Less Depressing…


30 pounds, 2.5 ft tall.  Size 24 month/2T clothing for this bubba!  No more puffer, just rescue inhaler, if needed!  She walks, says a few words, eats like a pro.  She’s my snuggle muffin. 


22 lbs, just under 2.5 ft tall.  Size 18 month clothing, but purely due to height.  Also walks, has more words than B.  She hates all food, except crap food, and has been having some hard poops because of this.  Time to up the fibre, again, which is hard to do when your kid hates eating.  She literally bucks and screams when you put her in her high chair.  And half way through eating, she remembers she hates food and starts to scream and attempt at getting out of her chair.  Its so fun.

They had their chicken pox shot and did well.  B didn’t even notice, but Apple cried for a minute.  She calmed down very quickly and no reactions!

the girls are down to one nap a day, and it’s about 2 hours long.  They are so good for their naps!  And bedtime… No tears!  The girls to down at 7pm and they SLEEP THROUGH THE NIGHT, until at least 7am!  Believe me, I know how lucky I am.

My girls are also still on bottles.  And it’s really because of me….. I don’t want to give up that snuggle time yet.  They drink from sippy cups for all other liquids, but I still give them milk in a bottle.  I know in need to break this habit, but not yet.  You can’t make me!

We are going on an 8 hour drive to visit MY family on Wednesday.  I’m mildly terrified, but excited too.  Once we are back, we are going to try getting the girls to sleep in the same room again.  I’m also mildly terrified about that, too.  

That’s it for me!  Comments to reply to, a new post to start, and I hear a baby waking up.  Wait, make that “toddler”.

I’m also not ready to not refer to them as my babies. 


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