Mommy’s hung over today.  Screw you, Skinny Girl ready-to-drink Margarita.  Why were you so easy to drink?  

My girls are awake and I’m afraid to go downstairs and join them and my husband.  My head hurts and they have been whining for the last week…. NON STOP until bedtime, which is the reason I got the bottle of SK in the first place.  I love my girls more than anything, ever.  But I’ve been stressed for a while And looking forward to my husband being off for a week.  Ugh and I just remembered we are going to my in-laws today and that’s an hour drive and suddenly the babies think their car seats are some type of torture device.  

BUT I’m letting someone else deal with their constant whining today.  I’m going to sit in Starbucks with a whip cream topped drink and a book while I wait for my husband to get through a union meeting.  We are then going to go to lunch and a movie.  My in-laws are making supper which my girls can throw on the floor and clean up instead of me.  

Mommy’s hung over today.  But Mommy is getting a break today, too.  

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