Why I Wish I Co-Slept

There are so many things to consider when you have a kid.  

Do I let him/her/them sleep with me or put them in the crib right away?

Do I breastfeed or bottle feed?

Do I sleep train?

To use pacifiers or not to use pacifiers?

Should I try cloth diapering or just do disposables? 

Ughhhhh and so many more.

For the record, I put my girls in the Their cribs right away, did a combo of breastfeeding and formula feeding until 6 months, I sleep trained the heck out of them, give one a paci, I let them cry it out, and I am filling my fair share of landfills with disposable diapers.  I didn’t plan to do most of those things, but life came along and I went with what worked.  I usually don’t regret any of my choices. 

Until I brought my girls to a hotel for the first time.  And my husband and I realized we needed to sleep.  

I opted to sleep with Banana (she’s so warm and snuggly).  Cody took Apple.  They went to sleep relatively quickly and stayed that way until about 2:30am.  I was having trouble sleeping since Banana and I have never slept the night together… Or maybe once or twice ages ago when she had a cold or something.  So I had a hard time getting comfortable and knowing how to fit with her in the bed.

My point is this.  At 3am, I was wishing I’d co-slept with my girls so that I’d be able to sleep with them now.  It made me a little sad that it was awkward to sleep with my Banana Bear.  

The risks of sleeping with the girls (and the practicality) outweighed the benefits for Cody and I.  I wouldn’t change the decision to have them sleep in their cribs, but at 3am and now that they are 13(!!!) months old, I am a little wishful.

That being said, I just know they are gonna make their way into my bed when they are around the two year mark…. And I’m kind of looking forward to it.


12 thoughts on “Why I Wish I Co-Slept

  1. If it makes you feel at all better, we did cosleep until about eight months for at least half the night and now that she is in her crib most of the night it’s really hard to cosleep. Last night she did actually fall asleep during her nursing session in bed with me, but she’s so wiggly and big now that it was hard to get comfortable for both of us-she got older and very much needed her own space. It’s a good possibility that would have happened for you guys. I do miss it though. Hope things get easier for you guys.

    1. I’m with barren. I occasionally cosleep, but around 6 months she started sleeping worse with me, so I’ve been keeping her in her crib as much as possible. For travelling, we have the ultra light & compact travel crib by Phil & Ted’s. Highly recommend it!

      1. We tried using the crib the hotel provided, but neither of them liked it and the room couldn’t really accomodate two cots :-/

      2. Aww yeah I know exactly how frustrating that is… Unfortunately for us, we didn’t see an improvement yet, though fingers are crossed for a few weeks from now where we’ll have our baby & near 4 yr old in a hotel room at the start and end of our vacation! :-/

      3. Lol that sounds like a challenge! Keeping my fingers crossed that you get some sleep! Maybe the older one will like to sleep in her own bed?

      4. I’m hoping the 4 yr old will be excited to sleep with one of us, since she always tries to procrastinate bedtime by asking for more snuggles, though in practice might not be interested! Hehe kids!

  2. I hear ya. I had all sorts of plans before e came along. I never planned to co sleep and here we are two years later. A perfectly good crib sits in the other room collecting stuffy’s.

  3. I relate to this post so much! I had the same experience in a hotel having to split the girls up and share a bed with one of them and I could not sleep with her beside me – not even a little bit. So sad and frustrating. But I do look forward to the cuddles that I know will come as they get bigger.

    1. Omg it was insane! I was just about I fall asleep and P woke up. We were all up from that point I til about 5am, when we fell asleep from pure exhaustion…. For a whopping hour and a half. It was really hard not to lose my cool!

      Fingers crossed the cuddles live up honour expectations lol

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