Ohhhh the metformin woes.  I hate what this med does to my tummy.

I’ve decided it’s time to start taking care of myself.  Again.  I need to be healthy for myself, but also for my girls and my husband.  So I’ve re-joined Curves, have stopped eating so much fast food, am drinking more water, and…. Started my metformin again.  

When you start a medication like metformin, you’re advised that introducing the medication slowly can help with the unpleasant side effects.  For me, that is not the case.  I still get all of the tummy issues, headaches, and can’t stray too far from home – only it lasts longer than if I were to just jump in and take the correct dosage right off the bat.  So here I am, complaining and feeling like shit because metformin is making my stomach cramp – but wait… Maybe that’s cause I’m also about to get my period.  Good timing, beanie.  

There are many reasons why I want to really give it a go.  I want to not be so tired.  I want to lose weight.  I want my insulin levels to come down. I want to be good examples for my daughters.  I want to try for another baby and maybe not have to go through fertility treatments. I am worried about my husband’s health. 

Cody has put on weight, which I don’t care about, but it’s definitely effecting his life.  His sleep apnea is bad and he has heartburn allllllllll the time.  I fear an ulcer (i mean, seriously.  We are going to buy stock in the Tums company).  And his cholesterol is high.  I have amazing cholesterol, so I don’t always think about foods that are cholesterol-impacting.  Since I am Chef Beanie, he eats what I cook and I am now going to be cooking food that will be good for BOTH of our health.  

As a side note, it’s so ridiculous.  I cook amazingly healthy meals for Apple and Banana, and cook a completely separate unhealthy meal for Cody and myself some nights.  Its not only a waste of time, money, and life, it’s just plain unnecessary. This will stop.  I mean, it’s not that often, mainly because we want them to see that we all eat the same food, but we also don’t want them to become picky eaters who demand their own meals of chicken nuggets and fries, instead of pasta.  

And as another side note, Apple is so bad for food.  She has always been bad for food, but it’s on another level now.  She picks through her food and throws obvious vegetables on the floor.  She hates all veggies!  I chop them, I slice and dice, I do everything short of pureeing them and she still find them and chucks them.  ALL VEGGIES.  I didn’t think the fight would start this early!  I half blame my husband who is incredibly picky and rarely eats veggies.  But Apple has had lunch with me every single day since she started sitting in her high chair, and I eat what she eats most of the time.  So maybe part of this is learned and part of this is just who she is.  There’s a Nature vs Nurture scenario to ponder……

7 thoughts on “Barf

    1. Lol she is funny! I mean, at the time it’s a little frustrating, but what can ya do?!

      Ughhhh it’s like 12 hours in and I feel awful. It’s enough to make you not want to keep taking it!

  1. Oh man, feeding babies is so hard! Like seriously, keeping up with what they will eat or wont eat is a tonne of work. I’m impressed you are able to do it with 2! I hope eventually she learns to eat her veggies.

    1. Lol me too! The whole “fooding” is exhausting. Planning the meal, cooking the meal, serving the meal, making sure they eat the meal…. And the worst part for me – CLEAN UP. Its ridiculous lol! One baby or 10… Its freaking hard! Is Baby MPB on solids?

  2. Ahhh…it’s so hard when they hate veggies and are at an age that they can throw them on the floor. Not only are they not eating the nutritional food you made them, but you have extra clean up too!

  3. I swear the effects lessen with time. I now get almost no side effects from taking it. When are you taking it? Try taking it one hour after food, this made a big difference for me.
    Ooh smart kid has found the veggies already. Maybe it is better that you are going through it early because then you get it over with and don’t have to have the fight again later? Just trying to remain positive πŸ™‚
    I have recently made some big changes to my lifestyle and so far am down 2.4kgs πŸ™‚ SO HAPPY!

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