A couple of months ago, I posted a photo of Banana, her eye was red and a bit swollen.  We were worried about cat allergies, but the doctor seemed to think it was probably just dry/irritated skin.

Around Easter, Banana ended up getting RSV, and needed to use a rescue inhaler a few times, as this virus caused her some breathing difficulties.  It cleared fairly quickly, so we were happy about that.

A couple of months ago, my Banana Bear started to wake up on a nightly basis, in the middle of the night, SCREAMING.  I’d run to her room, and at that point I would hold her while she calmed down.  She would cough for about 25 minutes straight, getting phlegm all over my chest.  This went on for a couple of weeks until I couldn’t take it anymore and brought her to the doctor.  We agreed that a cold should have cleared by now, so the ped decided to try my girlie on a low dose steroid puffer.  We took the puffer twice a day, and wouldn’t you know it, the midnight hack attacks stopped!  We were told to stop the puffer and see if she was good without it.

She was not.

After missing the morning dose, Banana had a coughing fit after crawling around and doing a bit of jumping.  That night, she woke up SCREAMING again, and the coughing was so bad that we needed to use the rescue inhaler.  The next morning, I made am emergency appointment with the pediatrician.  Long story semi-shortened, Banana is back on the puffer and we are waiting for an appointment with an allergist.  Looks like she might be allergic to the cats after all.

I’m not THAT mom, guys.  I don’t take the girls to the doctor for every sniffle.  I don’t manifest issues when there are not.  I don’t have Munchausen Syndrome.  But this problem – this has me freaked out.

I don’t want to get rid of the cats.  I don’t like the one cat so much anymore, but the grey one is like another baby to me.  But Banana is my child.  I would die for her, so if that means rehoming our kitties, then That’s what we will do….

But before that, we are going to try the following things:

  • Have the cats groomed regularly, which will involve getting their fur cut/buzzed
  • Seal off Bananas room from the cats
  • Vacuum 2-3 times a week
  • Change sheets 2-3 times a week
  • Wash bedding in super hot water
  • Seal off the bathroom where the cat litter is.  We are going to install a cat door to that bathroom in hopes of keeping the litter confined.  The asshole Orange cat is peeing outside of the litter box as a protest to the girls, so I hope to God that will also put an end to that
  • Vacuum/dust/mop the main floor daily
  • Change the type of filter we are using for the heating/AC system to one that blocks allergens
  • Put an air purifier in Bananas room

Am I missing anything?  

Getting someone to adopt the cats is our last resort.  But keeping Banana on a puffer is not a solution.  

Anyone out there with cat allergies and/or has dealt with a baby with pet allergies?


8 thoughts on “Allergies

  1. Oh no!!!! My parents had to re-home our cat and dog when I was young due to my siblings allergies. I was crushed and I remember asking my parents to get rid of my sibling instead (they didn’t obviously). That said even once the animals were gone a daily inheller was still a requirement due to general dusts and air particulates. I strongly recommend working with an immunologist/allergist to determine what the real cause of the allergy is.
    Now that said, i have to say like you I’ll do basically anything to keep our dog is baby MPB shows allergy symptoms. I have no idea how my parents were able to do get rid of our pets!

    1. Yeah it’s crazy! My brother had allergies and my parents were the opposite… They kinda were like “deal with it”…. Probably not the best approach. I think something between your parents reaction and mine is appropriate lol

    1. We only have carpet on the top floor, but it would so freaking expensive to replace all of it and the stairs. We are probably going tondomher floor upon confirmation of allergies. And we will put an air purifier in her room, probably not all of them cause they’re also really expensive here!

  2. Oh crap, poor banana!! You could look into getting all your vents & ducts cleaned out,if it hasn’t been done in the last couple years. They suggest every 5 years, but more frequently if you have pets. That often helps the allergens from dust & pets from circulating. I second the carpet thing, as TBL mentioned, but maybe having them all shampooed might be an idea. Good luck!

    1. Good idea about the ducts! We totally forgot about that!!

      We really just can’t afford to replace all of the flooring right now, but we are considering replacing Bananas flooring. There are a ton of m-f-ing squeaks, so two birds one stone lol

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