The More You Know…

I need to confess something.

Until recently, I did not know what a prune was.  I knew there was prune juices, I knew you could buy prune puree.  I thought it was just something for old people and babies… I went on the search for “real” prunes, hoping to give my constipated babies some actual prunes.  I could not find them anywhere, so I did some research…

Prunes are plums.


I wrote this in hopes of bringing a bit of humor to someone’s news feed.  I am so done with reading about hate, and crime, and death.  Yes, current issues in today’s world are important and should be talked about.  But I need a break.  I am figuring some others could as well.  So, I hope my stupidity brings a smile to your face today 

11 thoughts on “The More You Know…

  1. Lol, we went to a Moroccan-themed dinner party once and our friends served about 6 courses, all featuring prunes! My husband wasn’t aware of the effects of prunes on one’s digestive system and enjoyed each course, while I nudged most of my prunes to the side…needless to say, he didn’t have much free time over the next couple of days 😉

  2. I totally did not know that. Which is silly really. I have bought and eaten prunes and just never thought where they came from LOL. I did know that sultanas/raisins come from grapes… do I get points for that?
    Also there needs to be a ‘like’ function. I loved some of the above stories 🙂

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