Teddy Bear Picnic

That was the theme for my girls’ first birthday party.  And it happened by accident.

Cody and I decided to rent a gazebo at one of our provincial parks.  We rented this before we had a theme… And really, I didn’t even think we needed a theme!  I mean, come on…. Its a birthday party.  Anyway, we rented the gazebo and were forced into hijacking everyone’s Father’s Day.  We took Mother’s Day from everyone (they were baptised on mother’s day), so when there was no other day available at the park except for Father’s Day, we just went with it. 

We decided that having the party at the park was good for a few reasons…. 1 – our house is small and 121 people were invited.  2 – it’s summer, and being outside is nice.  3 – the park is right on Lake Ontario, so everyone could play at the beach, if they were so inclined.

One of my sister in laws suggested the teddy bear picnic theme since we were going to be outside.  Once it was put in my head, I embraced the idea and ran with it!  Invitations, “chalkboards”, decorations, even their cupcakes!  All teddy bears!  It was perfect.

The weather was amazing that day as well.  Hot, but there was a good breeze. 

We had so much food, and the girls really enjoyed themselves.  I was worried that we would be in for a horrendous bedtime since they missed their afternoon nap, but they were so good! 

This last year has flown by so fast.  I cannot believe Apple and Banana are a year old.  I can’t believe how big they are, how smart they are, how completely perfect they are.  I don’t know how I ever lived without them.

And now they are awake from their naps, so I gotta go.  Its also the day of their one year shots and I have anxiety about it.  I just hate when they cry, but it’s for the greater good.  


Long Time Gone

Hi All!

I know, I know… I left without even saying goodbye.  Here’s the deal.  I picked up my phone and WordPress informed me that my site stats had pretty much tripled over night.  This same thing happened to our friend Grace and it turned out that her in-laws had found her blog and then shit hit the f-ing fan.  I didn’t want the same thing to happen to me (sorry, Gracie.  I love you!), so I just went and made my blog private.  I’ve since gone in and made all “revealing” posts private and am working to put everything back up, but with a lot more anonymity.  Sorry for the radio silence.

Because I now am paranoid that my in-laws might read my diary, or worse – MY OWN FAMILY – I probably won’t post pictures to this blog anymore.  Which is really sad for you guys cause Apple and Banana are pretty much the cutest babies to ever hit the planet.

That being said – THEY ARE TURNING ONE YEAR OLD TOMORROW!!!  I can hardly believe it.  This day last year, I had just eaten some KFC and told Cody that I wanted to go to the hospital to get checked out.  I didn’t believe I was actually in labor and because of this, we left without one bag and didn’t bring either car seat for the babes.  I really thought I was going home even though contractions were less than 5 minutes apart and lasting more than a minute.



She’s got 11 teeth.  You read that right!!  11!!!!!  The molar on the bottom right is all the way out, and the molar on the bottom left is poking through, but taking a while to just get all the way out.  My child is amazing and hasn’t been too bad for these coming in!  She’s a teething pro.

Apple is weighing in at 21 pounds and is 29.5 inches long.  She’s wearing 12-18 month clothes, 18 is better for the length, but just soooo loose on her.  Apple’s hair is long and curly, and is blondish like mama.  Her eyes are an awesome blue, a little darker than mine.

Apple said “Mama” first!  She also says Dada, baba, and then a bunch of jibberish.  I swear to God she’s says “jibba jabba”!

This little one is on the move all day, every day.  She stands up without help (like, literally from sit right up into a free standing position).  She seems close to walking, but then some days figures that crawling is much faster and more effective.  So I can’t really say if it’s close or not.



She’s got 6 teeth.  And where Apple grows teeth and barely makes a fuss about it, Banana is clingy, feverish, and so friggen cranky for teething.  And the drool!!!  Her teeth also seem to take much longer to actually pop out.  Poor babe.

Banana is my big girl!  She’s 27 pounds and 30 inches long!  She’s a lot more solid than Banana, but not overly chubby.  Her leg rolls are my second favorite part to her (I love her face the most).  Banana’s hair is very light and curly like mine, but seems thicker, like her dada.  There isn’t a lot of it though!  Her eye shape is the exact same as Cody’s, but the color is exactly mine.  She’s got cheeks for days and I just can’t kiss them enough.

Banana says “dada” on repeat.  She also like “yayaya” and screeching.  Oh, the screeching.

Banana will walk with the assistance of a toy or box, and does it very well.  She doesn’t really show any signs of wanting to try it on her own though.  She’s very afraid of falling.


The girls love to play together.  This isn’t easy when you move one away from something you don’t want them to be getting into and turn around to get the second kid and the first one is already one their way back.  I don’t know if that makes sense, but rest assured that I get my cardio in every day.

Cody and I are not very hardcore about safety gates.  We have one in from of our patio door for fear of them falling through the screen.  We also have one at the top of the stairs so that I can keep them upstairs with me and not have to confine them to one room.  We don’t have one at the bottom of the stairs and there’s really only one reason…. we feel like they should have the opportunity to explore and learn about boundaries.  I also feel like they should never be out of my vision long enough to be able to reach the stairs.  In their 3+ months of crawling, they’ve never made it out of the living room before I caught them.  I’m sure once they are walking, that gate at the bottom of the stairs will be put up permanently.

I have a lot more to tell you all about, but I’ve really pushed my luck writing this much.

I can’t wait to tell you about their epic birthday party!


Until next time,