Just Call Me “Chef beanie”, Thanks

Generally, Penelope and Apple don’t like puréed food.  Penelope tolerates it a little better than Apple, however, it’s still touch and go.  Apple has been so stubborn and independent since the day she was born, we were almost forced into baby led weaning because she wants to feed herself!  She won’t even take a sippy cup – she MUST use a cup and straw.  Honestly, this kid is nuts.  Now, most of the time you will find whole pieces of food on their tables while I watch like a hawk, ready to administer CPR at any given moment.  Thankfully, it’s never come to that and I pray it never does.

In an effort to feed myself and my babies, I’ve decided to make lunch at the beginning of the week and reheat throughout the week.  On Sunday I made a one-pot pasta and thought I’d share with you all!  It was easy, fast, and reheats well.  P&C both liked it as well, which was good.  When I plopped down to eat, I would scoop some out for the girls and away we went.


chicken, diced (I used 3 boneless, skinless thighs)

1 cup (or more) onion, diced

salt, pepper

2 cups of chicken broth

3 cups of water

pasta (I used shells so it would be a good size for the girls)

1 cup of milk

2 cups of sharp cheddar cheese

4 cups of broccoli, chopped



Sauté chicken in oil until almost cooked through.  Add diced onion, salt, and pepper and Sauté until no longer pink.  Add broth, water, and pasta and continue to cook, covered, for 20 minutes.  Add milk, cheese, and broccoli and cook until broccoli is soft and cheese is melted.

You can spice as you see fit, I guess.  Mine is pretty bland because I intended to feed this to the girls as well.  Next time, I think I would add mushrooms as well – because I LOVE mushrooms.


Watch for this weeks lunch recipe:  Cheesy Broccoli and Chicken Rice Bake!




Lemon Mug Cake!

I am a sucker for these mug cakes.  Quick, easy, and the perfect portion.

My husband recently bought me a Perfect Bake.  I love this thing!  I am a great cook, but baking is always hit or miss with me.  I cannot, for the life of me, make pudding or a blueberry pie.  With the perfect bake, all you do is pour whatever ingredient it is asking for until the scale beeps.  No measuring cups, no spoons.

One of the first things I made with the Perfect Bake were mug cakes (actually the first thing was cookies and they were delish!).  I loved the lemon mug cake so much that I thought I should share this with you all!

Lemon Mug Cake (please note that the measurements are approximate because the Perfect Bake calculates everything by weight)

Makes 2 Mug Cakes


  • Bring egg to room temperature
  • Coat mug with butter


In a small bowl, add 100g (about 0.75 cup) of powdered sugar, 25g (about 1.5T) of lemon juice.  Beat with a fork or whisk until mixed and thickened.  Set aside.


In a medium bow, add 51g (1 egg) of egg, 15g (about 1T) of vegetable oil, 45g (about 3.5T) of granulated sugar, zest of 1 lemon, and 32g (about 2T) of lemon juice.  Beat well with a fork.

Stir in 40g (about 0.33 cup) of self-rising flour (I made my own using this recipe).


Portion the cake mixture into the two prepared cups.

Microwave for one minute and 30 seconds.  If not firm and spongy, continue to microwave in 15 second intervals until done.

Cool 2 minutes.  Add glaze** and enjoy!



Hope you like it!  If you do make it, let me know how it turns out!  And if you have a favorite mug cake, please feel free to share.  Or any other easy-peasy dessert recipe, for that matter.






**  I, personally, do not like glaze.  I topped this with whipped cream and it was amazing.