My Sweet Valentines

We didn’t have a very good Valentine’s Day, unfortunately.  Both babes were sick, we went to the hospital, and we ended up missing their Great Grandpa’s birthday celebration.  BUT – we did get these photos and they are just too precious not to share.

9 thoughts on “My Sweet Valentines

  1. So cute!! Our girls were both down with a cold on Valentines Day too, which meant no sleep and I shaved my legs for nothing lol. Hope they are feeling better soon!!

    1. LOL did you at least get a bath out of it?

      The last cold out girls had was friggen mild compared to this! Wheezing, coughing, sneezing, and no sleep. It’s ridiculous.

      I hope your little cuties are feeling better soon!

  2. Squeee! So cute! Sorry they are sick, but these are just too beautiful!
    Because they are not overly Valentine-y maybe you could send a framed one to their Great Grandpa with a note from the girls saying sorry they couldn’t be there, but they are sending their love 🙂

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