My Sweet Valentines

We didn’t have a very good Valentine’s Day, unfortunately.  Both babes were sick, we went to the hospital, and we ended up missing their Great Grandpa’s birthday celebration.  BUT – we did get these photos and they are just too precious not to share.

REPOST:  VIP for IVF & IUI folks: Bravelle Recall

I wonder if this is why I needed 7 cycles?  It why my response to the meds was less than stellar?  


Some may know this already but I just learned today that Bravelle, the drug that is subcutaneously injected to stimulate egg production during infertility treatment, has been recalled in the United States for anyone who took it between March 27, 2014, and October 2015. Per Ferring’s letter that my RE provided a copy of to […]

REPOST:  In Defense of Valentine’s Day

I can’t even begin to telly how much I love this post. And Valentines Day 🙂

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A quick rundown on my romantic history: I’m a twenty-something woman who has been married for almost 6 years. My spouse and I are currently separated after several years of rocky relations. I have been very lucky in love… I have never been cheated on or abused, and the boys/men I have been serious with […]