Blog Challenge – Day 19


Hands down, my favorite movie is “Footloose”, the original.  I hate the bastardized new version.

I have a few others that I can’t get enough of:  Sleepers, Emporers New Groove, He’s Just Not That Into You (though I hate that homewrecker Scarlett Johansson), Paranormal Activity 1 – 3, Strangers, and Goon, to name a few.


What is your favorite movie?  Have you ever HATED a remake of a movie?

Blog Challenge – Day 18


Oh boy…. I don’t really post pictures of myself on here!  Oh well.  Here goes!


That is me “pushing” the NORTH AMERICAN TECTONIC PLATE!

Yay for winter pants making it look like I’m wearing a diaper…..


Do you like sharing photos of yourself?  

Blog Challenge – Day 17


I have a lot of blogs that I LOVE.  Most of them are infertility/fertility related.

I am shameless and have a weird need for drama, so I do follow blogs that focus on tumultuous relationships and scandal.

I have problems with my own in-laws, so I follow a lot of bloggers who are in the same boat.

Newly, I follow some parenting blogs.

I also enjoy blogs about cooking, crafting, fashion, and general humor.

I am not going to name any specific blogs because it would take too long!  Just know that I love you all ❤





Blog Challenge – Day 15


I will likely be living in the same city, in the same house.  My daughters will be 5 years old, I hope to have another child.  I will still be a stay at home mama.  I hope to be about 60 pounds lighter.  Maybe my hair will be darker.  I also hope to be selling my ornaments IN STORES!  🙂


Do you have any lofty plans for the next 5 years?

Blog Challenge – Day 14


Seriously?  This is going to be tough, sadly.

  1.  I drink quite a bit of water.
  2.  I cook more often than I eat out.
  3. I go up and down the stairs about a hundred times a day, sometimes while carrying both babies, which should qualify as a pretty good work out.

What healthy habits do you have?  

Blog Challenge – Day 13



Oh boy…. Well, to be honest, not a lot.  And what is in there is not necessarily healthy.  To be fair, a lot of our food is in the freezer.

Top Shelf:  water, cranberry juice, beer (that’s been there since…. wow, I don’t even know), Queso, pickles, lasagna (Cody’s lunches), yogurt

Middle Shelf:  shortening, butter, garlic butter, a salad that’s old, sausage, bacon, old soup, teething rings (in a container)

Bottom Shelf:  diet pepsi, slow cooker pork, slow cooker chicken noodle soup (still in the slow cooker pot)

Crisper:  mushrooms, onions, scallions, peppers, jalapeno, carrots, celery, potatoes

Other:  condiments, more condiments, milk, jam


How much expired food sits in your fridge?  

Blog Challenge – Day 11


Oh, my….  I LOVE food.  This is going to be fun!

1:  Poutine.  If you’ve never had it, you should really give it a try!  Also, don’t knock it till you try it 😉

2:  Perogies.  Fun fact, I refuse to eat sour cream, so my perogies are usually eaten fried with onions.  OR – and here’s something that might gross everyone out – I sometimes fry my perogies and then cover them in cream corn.  It sound disgusting, but it is sooooo good.

3:  Ravioli.  I love Ravioli with mushrooms, onion, chicken and a rosé sauce.  I also really hope to learn how to make my own Ravioli one day.

4:  Turkey Rice.  This is a family recipe and I’ve never been able to replicate it correctly.

5:  Turkey cutlets.  I also have a secret recipe for the breading on my turkey cutlets, which I HAVE been able to perfect.

6:  Ice cream.  I love pretty much all types of ice cream, but vanilla is my favorite.  Why vanilla?  Cause you can add anything to it!

7:  cheesie puffs.

8:  Mushrooms.  I like them sautéed, in sauces, on steak, breaded and deep fried.  I LOVE mushrooms.

9:  Pulled pork.  I cook it in my slow cooker and make a grilled cheese with it.  Such a yummy comfort food in our house!

10:  Kraft Dinner.  Yes, I am a 30 year old woman who loves her KD.  I only cook half the pasta, I use all of the cheese sauce, and I measure the butter and milk by eye.  And its always amazing.

11:  This is not a food, but I seriously love love love Diet Pepsi.


What are your favorite foods?  Any suggestions of something I just HAVE to try?

Blog Challenge – Day 10


I’ve only been a few places.  I’ve been around Ontario, which is beautiful.  I have been to Rochester (for lacrosse), Michigan (a stop on the way), and Florida (group trip in Grade 7).  I have to say, I have NO desire to go back to Florida!  I did not enjoy that sweat box, haha!

However, Cody and I finally decided to leave North America and we went to ICELAND!  It was simply amazing.  I could tell you tons and tons about the trip, but instead I’ll leave you with some pictures.


Where is the best place you’ve vacationed?  Where is some place you’re dying to visit?