Blog Challenge – Day 26


I don’t think I have a “hidden” talent, but I have one that not every one knows about.  I hand make clay ornaments, figurines, and displays.  I hope to one day have them available in store!

Here’s an example of a few things I’ve made…

I don’t get much time to devote to this hobby anymore… Maybe in the coming years I can get my little nuggets to help me!


Do you have a hidden talent?

18 thoughts on “Blog Challenge – Day 26

      1. Haha don’t worry! Gianna is sick AND teething so I’m currently hanging on by a thread myself (said from under a FINALLY sleeping baby, with a chocolate shake in one hand…)

      2. Omg I’d kill for a chocolate shake right now.

        And I’m so sorry G isn’t feeling well 😦 Good thing mama is there as a snuggle pillow! When P & C had their colds last week, I couldn’t snuggle them enough (I was so over the snot though haha)

  1. They are great! A friend of mine has a store making things like this (esp wedding cake toppers) and she ended up giving up her job to do it! It can happen! Yours look fab!

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