Blog Challenge – Day 23


If I won the lottery, I’d buy a new home.  I love the one I have, but I’d definitely prefer to live in a more isolated area.  I’d also get us the minivan we’re going to require.  I’d set up a college/vacation fund for the girls*.  Maybe buy my parents a home…. Then I’d get frivolous!  I’d go on a Baltic trip, go to Alaska as well.  I’d buy a cottage and get a couple of snow machines and 4 wheelers.  And the clothes…. oh the clothes!!

It would all be spent.

What would you do with lottery winnings?

*We have plans to put money away for the girls once they turn a year old.  With this money, Cody and I are going to give them the option of using it to go to school or going on a trip of a lifetime…  We still plan to try and force the girls into post-secondary education, but instead of having money to pay for their school, they’d need a student loan, should they decide that they could benefit from travelling to, say, New Zealand.

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