Blog Challenge – Day 22


I have a lot of bad habits….

  • I eat too much fast food/junk
  • I never close the cap on my contact solution
  • I leave my hair elastics and bobby pins EVERYWHERE
  • I never put the broom away… In fact, I often sweep things into a pile and forget to actually sweep it into the dustpan and throw it away
  • I always forget to put the jam/ketchup/ranch/other condiment back into the fridge until a couple of hours later
  • I say “f*ck” a lot.  Like, too much

What are your worst habits?

3 thoughts on “Blog Challenge – Day 22

  1. No. 5 I am actually pretty good with, but everything else I am exactly the same as you 🙂
    I should add my own no. 5 which would be that I am terrible at putting away washing up. Like really bad. Sometimes I have used it all again and put it back to be washed and it never made it to the drawer or closet.

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