October 13th

October 13th is a special day for me.  It is my husbands birthday!  My Cody turns 32 today!  He is a wonderful human being, I’m sure I’ve mentioned that before.  Cody is the funniest person I know.  He is patient, he is kind, he is thoughtful, he is the best father a child could ask for…. I could go on and on, but I don’t want anyone to try and steal him away.

However, October 13th is special for another reason.  Last year, October 13th was Thanksgiving Monday here in Canada.  I woke up in bad mood.  One of my sister-in-laws upset me.  I argued with my husband and it was HIS BIRTHDAY.  And an hour into my day, I started my period again.  This started another new cycle for me.  This meant I would start injections, ultrasounds, and blood work all over again.

Little did I know, it would be the last time I’d have to start a new cycle.

I could never forget my husbands birthday.  And I will never forget the day that my dreams were finally being put into motion.

Hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving!  I am thankful for my daughters, my husband, my extended family, my home, and my country.  My life is perfect.