Decision Making Time

I had a very quick 6 week post partum check up last week. Again, my doctor was not there, but a fellow was. I did not like her. I told them I’m feeling fine now, so there was no exam. We talked about the babies. We talked about my diabetes. I asked about domperidone (I need a new Rx) and was denied. It’s difficult to get the prescription!  I have a backup plan, but I find it funny that this hospital pushes breastfeeding so much, but won’t help a mama out with a prescription proven to help with milk production. This fellow gave me the shpeel about the side effects and then said that “{I} can only do what I can do”.  Thanks, genius. 

Then we talked about birth control. 

Cody and I talked about it for literally two minutes during our 40 minute drive to the hospital. We didn’t really know what to do, but thought we would probably get a prescription for birth control pills, provided we could find something that wouldn’t hurt my milk production and something that wouldn’t mess my fertility up even more (as if it’s possible).  We don’t do condoms (who wants to.. Ugh, Nevermind it’s a tmi), and then”rhythm method” isn’t reliable with pcos. While we know our chances to conceive naturally are very low, it’s not impossible and we don’t want twins and an Irish twin on top of that. Well, we would manage, but you know… Responsibility and all that. Anyway, we mention all of this to the fellow and she says that she doesn’t think the pill is a good idea because I’m going to be busy and will probably forget the pill “especially since {I} have twins”. She suggested an IUD. 

So my question here:  do any of you have an IUD?  What’s been your experience?  What brand do you have?  

I’m not set on it, but it seems like a good plan. Cody and I have already resumed our “super fun happy time”, and though I want to know if I can conceive on my own, right this second doesn’t sound like the best idea. Maybe an IUD is the way to go….?

Thanks for your input πŸ™‚


17 thoughts on “Decision Making Time

  1. I have a mirena IUD, I had one years ago before our RPL and now that we have chosen not to try anymore, I have one again. So, obviously I like it. Mostly.
    the copper IUD’s are known to have more problems and make your period a lot worse.
    The mirena IUD has a small dose of progesterin in it and after a few months your period will be very light to non-existent. But the first few months can be miserable as your body adjusts – I was bleeding for about 2 weeks at a time with my second one. But now 6 months in I’m doing fine with it – a few days a month of very light spotting. The real bonus about this birth control is once it is removed the effects stop – we got pregnant our very first month off of it. The pill takes longer to leave your system and the depo-shot can take up to two years. So, the fact that the chemical leave your body right away was a huge selling point for me because I don’t know what the future will hold.
    The procedure for getting it is easy, you’ve been through enough down there that you wont even notice them putting it in – my first one nearly killed me, but then my second one after 5 miscarriage and more procedures then I’d like to try to count, getting it put it was one of the easiest procedures I’ve had. The procedure for removing it is even easier.
    Anyways, if you have any questions just let me know. I know lots about it. πŸ™‚ You are welcome to email anytime.

    1. I was leaning towards Mirena, mostly because of the post you wrote when you were having it placed recently. I was considering the copper IUD, but then I watched an episode of House focused on it and it freaked me out lol. I’ll probably email you more about it, though. Thanks for the offer πŸ™‚ I don’t know enough about IUD’s in general to make my decision, but this seems like the most practical choice!

    1. Oh man, the idea of having these two babies plus another one within a year of them scares the shit out of me. I don’t love the idea of hormones, but with my luck I’d have 3 babies under 2 and that’s terrifying.

  2. I got the Paragard IUD. It’s the copper one that has no hormones. I was very concerned about any bc affecting my supply since it took me a while to build it up to where it was. I had some random spotting for a couple of weeks after it was put it but other than that it’s been great! I almost didn’t get any kind of bc because of all of our trouble but with these twin babies I can’t imagine having a baby ANY time soon! Lol! I didn’t want to take the pill also because I am SO forgetful! Even when I wasn’t pregnant :):) good luck picking something out!

    1. I am so scared about hurting my supply. I’m already supplementing my girls sometimes and I don’t want to have to do any more than I have to! However, I watched an episode of House and they talked about the copper IUD and if freaked me out lol.

      Seriously though – imagine 3 babies under 2 years old! SCARY.

      And I can’t remember to take anything on time. I can only (barely) manage to feed the babies on schedule lol

      1. Hahaha! I feel ya! Mr B and I were taking about something and I couldn’t remember something and he told me he was genuinely worried about me! Hahahaha!

  3. I am very regimented and always take my pills at the same time every day…until the twins arrived and even though I have an alarm on my phone to take my BC pill, I get side tracked and have forgotten to take it many times.

    1. That’s why I don’t think the pill is right for us. I didn’t even think about how I would never remember to take the pill on time until the dr. pointed it out. The IUD is probably just the best and easiest choice for us. Though, I am curious to see if we could conceive on our own – just not this year LOL

  4. I also have the Mirena IUD and love it. We were in the same boat with not being ready for another right after our twins were born even tho we have fertility issues also. So far I have had the IUD for almost a year and can’t say enough good things about it. I had about 6-7 months of super light spotting off and on but haven’t now in a long time. It’s so nice not having that monthly visitor for so many reasons as well. The procedure was super simple, just some mild cramping and spotting for a day or so after.

    1. Oh man, mild spotting and cramping?! That’s easy compared to the most of fertility treatments, right?! And I hate getting my period so if it kept that at bay, I’d be fine with it. Thanks for the info! At this point, the only thing that concerns me is the cost, but it’s less expensive than BC over time. And definitely less expensive than another bottom to diaper πŸ˜‰

      1. My husband’s insurance will cover the cost of it (well, 80%) because it’s a prescription, but we still have to pay up front. Still worth it, I’m sure!

  5. Up until now we have been ignoring the necessity to figure out a bc method.. It just runs me the wrong way after seven years of trying and all the fertility hormones to go on something even though I know I should.. Sigh.. That said, I think an IUD is the way I will go once I stop procrastinating.. I met someone the other day who had Irish Twins with two sets of twins! That’s just crazy..

    1. 3 babies under the age of 2 scares the crap out of me. And with my luck, I’m probably super fertile for the first time in my life lol. I get you though… I’m not a fan of trying to prevent something that I waited almost a decade to get.

  6. I have no input on the iud, but we are trying to figure this out too. My OB keeps asking me what we plan to use for BC and I just shrug. BC pills make me a crazy person! Thanks for posting and let me know what you decide. Im going to look into the iuds as well. Hope you and the babies are great!!!!

    1. I’m thinking I’m likely going to go with the IUD, it makes the most sense. I think it’s pretty expensive up front, though. And I mean, another person up close with my lady bits? Ugh.

      I’ll definitely post the decision πŸ™‚

      I hope you all are doing awesome!!

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