7 Weeks

Today, my babies turned 7 weeks old. They are happy and smiling. They are beautiful. They are so smart. They are cuddle bugs. 

Babies are hard work. So much harder than you think they could be. I sat there after every ultrasound, Bravelle shot, BFN, and CD3 blood work BEGGING for the 3am feedings. About two weeks in you realize 3am feedings really do suck – but the little babies looking up at you just asking to be rocked back to sleep are so worth the sleep deprivation. 

Today, my babies are 7 weeks old and for the very first time, I’ve decided to go for a bath and let Cody take them out on his own. It’s been 8 minutes and I want them back here with me. 

Why would I ever want to be separated from these two?



9 thoughts on “7 Weeks

  1. I love their little squish faces!! So cute 🙂 I left my girls overnight with my husband at six months old and it killed me.. All I thought about was them the whole time.. But it’s good to have some “you” time 🙂 o

    1. I’m struggling with making time for myself. I get frustrated during the day because I always have a human on me. Then my husband comes home and is willing to “take over” but I don’t want to leave the babies lol. And hell will have to freeze over before my in-laws or anyone else babysits!

      I might get a pedicure this weekend…. Mayyyyybe….

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