Decision Making Time

I had a very quick 6 week post partum check up last week. Again, my doctor was not there, but a fellow was. I did not like her. I told them I’m feeling fine now, so there was no exam. We talked about the babies. We talked about my diabetes. I asked about domperidone (I need a new Rx) and was denied. It’s difficult to get the prescription!  I have a backup plan, but I find it funny that this hospital pushes breastfeeding so much, but won’t help a mama out with a prescription proven to help with milk production. This fellow gave me the shpeel about the side effects and then said that “{I} can only do what I can do”.  Thanks, genius. 

Then we talked about birth control. 

Cody and I talked about it for literally two minutes during our 40 minute drive to the hospital. We didn’t really know what to do, but thought we would probably get a prescription for birth control pills, provided we could find something that wouldn’t hurt my milk production and something that wouldn’t mess my fertility up even more (as if it’s possible).  We don’t do condoms (who wants to.. Ugh, Nevermind it’s a tmi), and then”rhythm method” isn’t reliable with pcos. While we know our chances to conceive naturally are very low, it’s not impossible and we don’t want twins and an Irish twin on top of that. Well, we would manage, but you know… Responsibility and all that. Anyway, we mention all of this to the fellow and she says that she doesn’t think the pill is a good idea because I’m going to be busy and will probably forget the pill “especially since {I} have twins”. She suggested an IUD. 

So my question here:  do any of you have an IUD?  What’s been your experience?  What brand do you have?  

I’m not set on it, but it seems like a good plan. Cody and I have already resumed our “super fun happy time”, and though I want to know if I can conceive on my own, right this second doesn’t sound like the best idea. Maybe an IUD is the way to go….?

Thanks for your input ūüôā


Another PW Protected Post

I just wanted to let you all know that I just posted an entry about family drama.

I’ve made it PW protected, so if you’d like to read, please email me at, or leave your email address in the comments.

Have a lovely day, my friends!


7 Weeks

Today, my babies turned 7 weeks old. They are happy and smiling. They are beautiful. They are so smart. They are cuddle bugs. 

Babies are hard work. So much harder than you think they could be. I sat there after every ultrasound, Bravelle shot, BFN, and CD3 blood work BEGGING for the 3am feedings. About two weeks in you realize 3am feedings really do suck – but the little babies looking up at you just asking to be rocked back to sleep are so worth the sleep deprivation. 

Today, my babies are 7 weeks old and for the very first time, I’ve decided to go for a bath and let Cody take them out on his own. It’s been 8 minutes and I want them back here with me. 

Why would I ever want to be separated from these two?




Before pregnancy, I always focused on what was wrong with my body. I always wanted to know why my body wouldn’t do what it was supposed to do.  I was diabetic, had PCOS, couldn’t get pregnant, then couldn’t stay pregnant. My vision is awful, my nails are brittle, I get vertigo, and any sign of a toothache and my glands go into overdrive. 

Once I was pregnant, I didn’t trust my body still. However, my pregnancy was very good – no real swelling, no protein in my urine, and I gained weight as I should. Every ultrasound went well and the babies were always perfect. 

After I gave birth, my sugar levels dropped immensely. I lost 30+ lbs without blinking an eye. However, the good luck stopped there. My legs swelled up like balloons – I was actually scared of a blood clot. I can’t produce enough milk on my own. The recovery of my lady bits took forever. 

And now I found a lump in my breast. 

I know you all know in a hypochondriac. But no woman ever wants to find a lump in their breast. I had the lactation consultant confirm today that it’s not milk duct. Her recommendation is to have it ultrasounded. She didn’t seem to think it was a malignant tumor, but she is also a nurse using her hand to check versus a doctor with machine and other testing. 

It’s a relatively small, round lump. It’s smooth and movable, with no pain associated. I never noticed it before. But it’s still a lump. 

I’m freaked out, but I’m getting a referral for testing tomorrow. I try to remind myself that most lumps turn out to be nothing serious…

But what if it is?

ABC – 123

Cody got the girls up and fed while I pumped (he was going to let me sleep, but my boobs had other plans) and now he’s making homemade waffles for breakfast! ¬†Eat your hearts out, people.

Anyway, having the best husband in the world has allotted me a few spare minutes, so I thought I’d do this quick and fun post!

A- Age:  turned 31 in February

B- Biggest fear:  Losing my babies, husband, dad, brother.  Just death in general!
C- Current Time: 8:26AM EST
D-¬†Drink you last had:¬†Diet Pepsi. ¬†Mama needs caffeine but doesn’t drink coffee.
E- Easiest Person To Talk To: My husband.
F- Favorite song:¬† “Hallelujah” by MHJR¬†

G-¬†Grossest Memory:¬† I barfed on my bff when I was younger. ¬†We’d just been on that stupid Viking boat ride at the town fair and my tummy was not happy.

H- Hometown:  a teeny, tiny town in way way northern Ontario

J- Jealous Of:¬† ¬†hmmm… people who can eat anything and remain slim? ¬†I don’t know. ¬†I don’t feel jealous about anything right now. ¬†My life is amazing.
K- Killed Someone:¬†¬†uh… no….
L- Longest Relationship: 8 years with Cody!
M- Middle Name: Ellen
N- Number of Siblings: 4 brothers

O- One Wish:  my babies to grow up healthy and happy.
P- Person who you last called:¬†my husband… 3 days ago (who’s got time for phones?)
Q- Question you‚Äôre always asked:¬† “Are they twins?”
R- Reason to live:  my family
S- Song you last sang:¬†“Ex’s and Oh’s” by Elle King (I am in love with this song!)

T- Time you woke up:  1AM, followed by 4:15AM, then 5:30AM, and finally up for the day at 7:07AM
U- Underwear Color:  pink
V- Vacation Destination: ¬†Cody and I went to Iceland last year and we’d totally go again. ¬†That being said, our nearest vacation plans will be to family events (gag me) and eventually camping trips next year when the babies are older.
W- Worst Habit: overeating, for sure
X-¬†Xrays¬†you‚Äôve had:¬†arm, head/neck, sinuses, and I think that’s it?
Y- Your favorite food: poutine!
Z- Zodiac Sign: Aquarius

What are your ABC’s?