Count to 10, beanie. 

Half of the time, I’m thinking about how Cody just can’t leave the three of us and go back to work in a week. 

The other half of the time, I want him to go NOW so that I can get my routine/schedule actually working. I know he is trying to help, and I am grateful for him being here and having this family time together… But sometimes it’s like having two infants and a toddler. 

I love him, I really, truly do. Oh, but he is frustrating the crap outta me. 


Ps – I will be replying to comments soon!  Thank you for all of your kind words 🙂 

Here’s another picture of my Apple and Banana


Pps – I think I’m delerious. I am sitting here, pumping and blogging in the dark, and I think I saw a rat or cat out of the corner of my eye. That’s just not possible.