It’s 2am EST.  I am awake and in my bath tub. Though I am one step beyond tired, I can’t sleep. In the 3 hours that I was in bed, I got up to pee the same number of times. My ankles and feet are twice their normal size and my fingers are swollen as well. I am having a lot of back pain, and the only position I am comfortable in is sitting up, but I can’t sleep like that. Oh, and I have heart burn/acid reflux/gut rot. My husband woke up long enough to get me some Tums and is now happily back asleep. Wait – he did say he was going to check on me in an hour so I “don’t fall asleep in the tub”.  

Not gonna lie, but a night like this has me wondering how safe it is to have these babies born at 35 weeks**.

Friends, I try really hard not to complain. Don’t get me wrong, my rolling and kicking fruits are safe and comfy right where they are, and I am SO HAPPY to keep them there for the next 2 weeks. 

But I’m sleepy. And when I’m sleepy, I get crabby. 

Hmm…  Sounds like hourly feedings should be a fun time. 


** I DO NOT want to have the babies yet. I’m not even going to go as far to say I want my body back. I’ve embraced every.single.unpleasant.symptom with open arms, but it seems a little harder to deal with 18 at once and at 2am. Forgive me – please know I am not wishing this to be over or complaining because I’m mildly inconvenienced. 

Ugh. I might not even post this. 


10 thoughts on “ZzzzzzZ

  1. Of course you should have posted this. Not only did you read my rant the other week, but you also emailed me concerned when I stopped posting for awhile 🙂 Post whatever you like.
    I think a lot of people worry about complaining about pregnancy problems when they have had troubles with fertility. I figure that people that had issues falling pregnant in the first place have been through so much more than those ladies that had a male sneeze in their direction causing conception that we should be able to complain more than them 🙂
    Do you have a recliner or something you could snooze in for a time?

    1. Thank you, lovey. I wish I did have a recliner, but unfortunately we don’t. I might force the issue with my husband later, if I’m not at the hospital lol

      1. I just saw your other post and commented there too. I’m kinda thinking the recliner might not have helped especially if you are in labor. It could still be worth it though, apparently for all three of us kids Mum spent many a night jiggling us in the recliner when we wouldn’t go down or when she was nursing. 🙂 I really hope you feel better soon. If you have any concerns definitely go to the hospital, it can’t hurt to go right? Plus they might have recliners hahaha.

      2. I’m impressed, your hospital knows where it’s at. It’s all about the recliner hahaha.
        Ugh, I hate to leave you when you are in pain, but I have an incredibly long day at work tomorrow and I really must go to bed. I plan on hearing nothing but good news tomorrow on all fronts so that bodes well 🙂 Those bubs are in good hands with you, hubby and your doctors, everything will be fine. If this is labor then your journey to this point is almost done and a much more exciting adventure is about to begin. Sending you love and hugs – I’d send you pain meds as well, but I’m pretty sure that isn’t legal 🙂

  2. You’re totes entitled to have a little vent! It’s your blog! I for one like to hear about the pregnancy symptoms because it gives me a realistic idea of what to expect… I wasn’t thinking it’s all sweetness and light but equally I have no idea what it feels like!

    And I totally agree with Ditch the Bun – just because our pregnancies were hard fought doesn’t mean we don’t get to have the full pregnancy experience – including the odd moan about “minor inconveniences”! You go girl! And get some sleep! 🙂

    1. Thanks so much! I try to keep the complaints to a minimum for the sake of others, but also for myself. I don’t think sitting and being miserable is the way for me to enjoy my pregnancy – probably the only one I’ll have. That said, those feelings have flown out the GD window lol

  3. I don’t know about your situation in particular, but I wanted to share with you that my daughter was born spontaneously at 35w4d and she was completely healthy and ready for the world.

    1. Everything is going well with my girls, but they’d probably be in the NICU for a bit, since twins tend to be smaller.

      Thanks for sharing your daughters story! It makes me feel a little better that they will be ok if born later today…

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