Update Número Uno

Well, it is now 9am EST. I got out of the tub at 3am, and though he didn’t check on me, my husband was awake and waiting for me to call out to him if I needed it. I laid in bed and after shoving a pillow under my back, under my bump, and between the knees, I managed to sleep for a half hour. I moseyed on off to the guest room, and my husband came with me. I started to cry because I was so frustrated, so tired, and in so much pain. I cried because he WAS able to sleep. And I cried because he just didn’t know how this felt and he wasn’t being sensitive (I really just wanted a back rub).  He brought all of my pillows into the guest room, he turned on a fan, he rubbed my back, and when he thought I was sleeping (or at least calmed down), he left. I slept for maaaaaybe an hour and now I’m awake, back in the tub, and 90% convinced this is back labor. 

I have my contraction counter waiting, but this doesn’t come in a measurable wave. It’s kind of just constant with moments of worse pain. 

Both fruits are very active. 

I have a doctors appointment today at 1, but I might head to the hospital sooner. 

Also, if this IS back labor, I’d like to point out two things. 1- it fucking sucks and hurts in a way that reminds me of my worst periods**.  2- I’ve been dealing with this medication free for over 6 hours. Granted, not overly well, but like a champ in my eyes. 

I’ll continue to let you guys know what happens. Maybe I’m having a couple of babies today!  35 weeks on the nose.   

I will try to reply to you comments 🙂

* if this is NOT back labor, I don’t even want to imagine what could be more intense!  


22 thoughts on “Update Número Uno

  1. Wishing you the best right now! It sounds miserable, I have no words of advice, but I do hope you start to feel better or this is the start of labor and everything goes well and that you will get to meet your babies really soon! 🙂

    1. Thank you SO MUCH, MPD. I’m ready to either have the pain stop – via baby birthing or miraculous intervention from God lol. I do feel ready for the girls, but having them cook a little longer is definitely more ideal…

    1. This HAS to be back labor. I can’t get comfortable no matter what position I’m in. The bath helped earlier, but doesn’t seem to be doing much now…

      Maybe watching Jurassic World scared my uterus and now I’m in for it 😉

  2. Okay I didn’t really want to like this post because you are in pain, but take it as me sending you love 🙂
    I am hoping that it is labor for two reasons, first of all YAY babies, second of all I don’t want this to be random pain for you.
    Sending you lots of hugs and I hope you either feel better soon or have some pretty big news to share 🙂

    1. Thank you so much! If this is labor, I hope my babes are healthy and won’t be in the NICU long. And if this is “nothing”, I hope my doctor sends me home with laughing gas to sustain me for the next two weeks lol.

      1. Poor you! I have back pain anyway (and haven’t been taking my meds) so not looking forward to any additional pain!

  3. oh goodness girl! My heart goes out to you! I’m praying for healing to wash over you and that you get some comfort. I’m also praying that when the time comes, you have a safe and easy delivery with ZERO complications and the pain be VERY, VERY minimal. Sending ya some love. xo

    1. Thanks, lovey! I’ve been praying, and effectively begging for things to be ok. I’m alright to have the babies here, I’ll even somehow manage the pain, I just want them to be healthy and safe ❤

  4. Sounds like back labor my dear. All will be well. It is just a small blip in the road. Hopefully, they will stay put for a while yet but if not good luck today.. Today is an wonderful day!

    1. Thank you 🙂

      I hope they stay in a bit longer as well, but more so – I’m hoping to find a way to deal with the back pain. Tylenol does nothing, and while baths are helping, my water bill is gonna be super high!

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