Update Número Dos

Within the week.

I am told that I’m 1 cm dilated, cervix is still long, but these are contractions!  The doctor said that I could be heading back tonight, but likely sometime within the week. He doesn’t think I’ll be making my next ultrasound appointment on Tuesday. 

Babies are adorable. Banana will be first out, and she’s weighing just over 6 pounds!  Apple showed us her very healthy, very chubby cheeks and she is weighing about 5.5 pounds. Because we are over 35 weeks and the babies are such a good size, the doctor didn’t think I needed the shot to mature their lungs. They might need a “little extra attention”, but we’ve passed the hurdles!

Not going to lie – I’m terrified. And in so much pain. I have no clue when they are coming, and apparently I’m not a fan of surprises. I’m supposed to go back if the contractions are regular for an hour and/or when they become stronger. And the topper is that there isn’t anything to do for the pain, I have to just deal with it for now.  1 cm dilated doesn’t get me admitted to the hospital and on the drugs, no matter how much I want it. It could be a few hours, or a few days, or a couple weeks. The only other instructions I was given was to pack my hospital bags and keep my husband close.  

If the pain doesn’t keep me awake, the fear will!
UPDATE:  we’ve been home for 5ish hours and I’ve lost my mucous plug!  


21 thoughts on “Update Número Dos

  1. Ooooh how exciting, I am so excited for you, I am sorry about the pain and I hope you can get some rest (even if you have to force it) because you need your energy 🙂

    1. Oh god. So, remember back in “the art of oversharing” when you talked about not googling cervical mucous? Well I really should have remembered that tip when I read about your mucous plug!!! Hahahaha

      1. LOL I didn’t follow my own advice 😦 When I lost the plug last night, I decides to google what I should do/look out for and wouldn’t you know it – PICTURES. Ick.

      2. HAHAHAHA OMG Literally just laughed out loud and people looked at me. We both Google imaged hahahaha.
        That was some stuff I seriously did NOT need to see, but I suppose when I get pregnant I will never have to worry about learning about it, or worse… no one telling me anything and then I have it happen and I may have freaked out hahaha. Hmm sometimes knowledge is pain 🙂

      3. It’s true! My doctor has NEVER mentioned anything about the mucous plug, so what other options did I have?? I needed to convince my husband that we didn’t have to rush out of the house lol

        When you get pregnant (which I’m going to bet is SOON!), ask me anything and I’ll be brutally honest… If only to save you from Google Images 😉

      4. Hahaha thanks. You can be my Google images filter 🙂 Should I look up this? Never? Okay… 5 minutes later curiousness gets the best of me and I do it anyway 🙂
        Although I never did cervical mucous… I followed recommendations on that one. So how come when the word “plug” was added I had to know what it was?

      1. Aww that’s so sweet! I usually handle discomfort pretty well, and I was even labelling the contractions as mild – moderate, when really, narcotics sounded like a nice option lol

    1. Seriously! I’m at home over analyzing EVERY little twinge lol. The pain has subsided quite a bit and I got a lot of sleep last night and today… Just hope my husband will be close when it’s go time!

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