A Half Plan

Yesterday, at 34+1, I got to lay down on a gurney and watch my little babies on screen again.  It NEVER gets old.  However, having ultrasounds done is a little difficult now.  Laying on my back and having my belly pushed on is making me really sick to my stomach. 

Side note:  I was holding an ultrasound photo in the waiting room one day (waiting to see my doctor), and this woman looked over to me and loudly said to her partner “I don’t regret not getting the picture.  No one even cares about the picture once the baby is here.”  I wanted to tell her off and say that I was going to always get the pictures, I was going to save them and cherish them – because I fought for years to conceive these babies and I WANT their pictures.  I would have loved to follow up my bitch out with a slap to her face.  But she was pregnant and I am more bark than bite.

Anyway, the ultrasound tech was just checking blood flow, movement, and heart rates.  Once again, both babes passed with an 8/8!  While the tech was watching the babies, she started to laugh.  She said that both babies were very active and cute.  She was playing tag with my Banana Bear (who hates ultrasounds) in an attempt to get us a picture.  We got a face shot of each little princess, which was nice.  Apple showed me her chubby belly, which I adored!  And to top it off – I got to watch my Banana Bear sucking on her fingers.  It was the most adorable thing.

After, I saw my doctors nurse, who explained how my induction will work.  Basically, my doctor will schedule me to be induced at 37 weeks, during a day when he is on call.  I will get a call on the morning of the induction from the nurses, letting me know what time to come in.  Once induced, I will sit back in the room and let it happen!  I was worried that they’d send me home to wait it out, but they don’t do that at my hospital, especially since I’m diabetic, having twins, and they need to watch everything.  I am also lucky that I’m havin two, as this bumps me up on the list for a private room. We still have to pay, but we’d be put in a private room over a singleton birth, which is nice – but makes me feel a teeny tiny bit guilty. 

I also got the great news that I will NOT be getting internal exams!  The days of the trans-vag ultrasound are GONE!  Basically, it makes no difference to my doctor is I’m dilated or effaced, as nature will just run it’s course (though we do know I’m at least 50% effaced already). If i do end up needing to be induced, I will get the pelvic exam, otherwise, my vagina remains private! Until delivery day when 10 new people get to know me a little more intimately. 

I can say though, that the end is getting close. I can barely walk, I’m super tired, I feel like crap the instant I wake up. We have a few people “betting” on when I go into labor. My husband thinks I’ll be induced, but I think I’m having a couple of kids on Father’s Day. 

Also, summer hasn’t even hit in my part of Ontario. It’s getting warmer, but it’s still not SUMMER. Do you think I can find a freaking baby bonnet?  Honestly, it’s ridiculous. I just want to protect my babies heads with a little sun hat, but they’re all sold out!  It’s insane. 

Ok. I’m outta here for today!  I have some cleaning to do (I’m hosting my last party before the babies arrive) and this face needs some cuddles and kisses

Have a good weekend!


15 thoughts on “A Half Plan

    1. Canada, my love. ๐Ÿ˜‰ And it’s the same here as the US.

      And yeah, we are super close in our dates! If I’m induced, it’ll be the week of July 1st (Canada Day!).

  1. Oh man, my pregnancy hormones are flying today. I would have been super pissed if anyone said that around me in the waiting room. My husband would have to claim be down. Good thing you kept your cool. I am glad your babies are doing wonderful.

    1. Lol the only reason I didn’t flip on her was because my husband was there and so was my MIL. Otherwise, I would have made a snarky comment back!

      I’m glad YOU’RE doing well!!

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