Taking Notes

On Monday, Cody and I attended a class called “Twins and More Baby Care” all the way in the city. About 3 minutes into the class, I noticed my fingers were swelling. A minute after that, I noticed I was probably the only one who wasn’t 110 pounds before getting pregnant…

Anyway, the class was very informative. Before the class, I can honestly say that I didn’t think about what life is like for the babies now. So when the instructor said that delivering in the operating room is a little more traumatic for the babies, I had to reflect on that for a minute. They go from a dark, soothing, warm environment where they only know their Mama, Daddy, and twin to this loud, super bright, bustling place. Sounds a little scary to me! After realizing this, the suggestion to “dim the lights” made 100 times more sense to me.

There were a lot of good tips. Learning that the first two weeks will be hell was fun. Being taught that babies actually don’t “deep sleep” much after two weeks was an eye opener. Learning that you shouldn’t swaddle the baby to put them to sleep was completely new to me.

I DID know some things though. I know how to swaddle a baby. I had the idea to paint Apple and Banana’s toenails (so we could tell them apart) long before this class. I can change a diaper like a champ.

Cody was the one who pushed for us to take the class. He’s never taken care of a baby on his own and I am fairly certain that he is more than a little nervous to go from no babies to two babies in a matter of hours. When we were driving to the class, Cody mentioned that he made sure to bring a note book and pen. We sat together near the front of the class (we’d arrived a little late), and he started taking notes right away. I looked them over the next day, and two thoughts came to my mind.
A) Cody is going to be an amazing father.
B) This is going to be awesome material for a blog post.

Here are some of the notes my lovey took….

1. Keep little hat to confuse the babies.
Translation: You should keep the hat that is put on them right after they’re born. Apparently it will smell like amniotic fluid, which they will recognize. This will help soothe them if they’re freaking out. Store this in an airtight bag!

2. Deep sleep = like Toby.

3. Intense baby stares mean playtime.

4. Beanie is always right for 6 weeks.
Translation: The instructor told us that hormones will be VERY high in the first 6 weeks, so it’s best not to argue with Mama.

5. Freak outs are OK. Parasitic thoughts are normal.
Translation: We were informed that it is completely normal to feel like your kid is attached to you like a parasite. Not to worry, the feeling will pass.

6. NEH = Hungry OWL = Tired. Science proves it.
Translation: There are a difference in the types of cry a baby will belt out. Apparently they mean something (and I’m sure Cody is hoping that this will help him out).

7. “Cry it out method” – self soothing is better. Do not create fainting goats.
Translation: Don’t let the baby just lay there and scream their faces off. It causes them to go into survival mode and they shut down. …Like a fainting goat?

8. No sodium lauryl sulfate – it melts eyes. If it says “no more tears”, throw it out. Aveeno is good, and other hippie shit.

9. Breast milk cures pink eye! And snotty noses! WTF – not a cold, just the snuffles.

And my favorite…


There were more… of course there were more. But hey – if this is how Cody remembers certain things, what can I say? I know he is going to be amazing with these little ladies.

Oh, and watching him swaddle his “creepy” baby doll was so friggen cute.


PS- the only thing I wished we would have focused on more would be HOW to get the babies on a good schedule. It was confirmed that twins DO need a schedule, but the instructor didn’t really give any tips…

9 thoughts on “Taking Notes

  1. oh.my.goodness! I am rolling on the floor laughing right now! Thank you, thank you, thank you for this good laugh! Cody sounds like a riot! bahahaha!

  2. Schedules are hard (read: damn near impossible lol..) The NICU swaddled the girls from day 1 and they still love it… And it’s a lifesaver for us. They sleep swaddled on their back still, we are just transitioning to sleep sacks because it’s getting hot here. I know new rules say not to, but we just continued on with what they were used to from the hospital. Nothing calms them like a good swaddle. Cody’s notes are amazing lol!! Keep in mind with twins because they often come a bit early, they might sleep more soundly for a bit longer. My girls slept like rocks for the first month that they were home (so until they were about two months old). I haven’t forgotten your email.. Hoping to send this weekend πŸ™‚ Meanwhole have you checked out the twin z breast feeding pillow? It’s amazing and we use it as a double “chair” for them during the day. You guys are going to be awesome parents! I wish there was a twin class in our community!

    1. I am totally going to swaddled them, and I really can’t say for sure that I won’t let them sleep while being swaddled. I guess we just have to see what works!

      I’ve never heard of that pillow! Going to look it up now!

      I was so happy to find out there was a multiples parenting class. While I appreciate the advice of others, some of it just doesn’t apply to two or more babies :-/

      I will be on the look out for your email lol

  3. I love this post!! I love it as a non pregnant, and not expecting twins person, because honestly, I think so much of this is great advice for any first time parent!! Honestly, I feel more informed and am now a little bit more excited for the adoptive baby class we signed up for in a few weeks both because we will probably learn a few good things about caring for a baby and also because I think Mr. MPB will be just as cute as you found cody when he was swaddling the plastic doll!! πŸ™‚

    1. I really hope you love the class you’ll be attending! It really makes things seem more of a reality! And you will definitely learn something, regardless of experience! 3.5 hours passed by SO quick! Watching my husband swaddle a doll so gently was adorable! I’m sure you’ll find Mr MPD doing the same and you will just love it!

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