Preparation H

Nope! Not a TMI post, which I know you were all hoping for. In this case, the “H” is for HOSPITAL!

I’m an over-packer. There. I admitted it!

When I went on my amazing trip to Iceland, I was actually able to reel it in and not bring too much.  Mostly, I was sure that we wouldn’t need a lot of “nice” clothes because we’d be too cold and everything would be covered with my coat and snow pants. That, and I forgot half of my pants because I was rushing and nervous for my first ever trip out of North America! We used one suitcase for coats and boots, the other had our clothes and my hair/makeup/toiletries. We left some space for souvenirs as well.

When I go to visit my BFF in Ottawa (I live near Toronto, which is only about 4 hours away), I bring the same size suitcase as I used for Iceland. If we go for 3 days, I bring 5 outfits, 2 pyjama options, and extra sweaters, underwear, and socks. I have to bring my straightener, even though I usually don’t end up using it. I bring a ton of makeup and nail polish as well. My BFF and I are very girly, so these are essential for any trip to see her. Additionally, my pillow usually gets packed as well, and I have at least two pairs of different shoes in the truck of the car.

It’s sick.

Here’s my dilemma. I have NO CLUE what to pack in my hospital bag(s). My husband is insisting that we need at least two go-bags, but this puts me in a tough spot. It means I’ll need to double up on everything. We’ve decided that we need two bags: a small one for paper work, medical info, medications, essentials, and then the second larger bag with clothes, diapers, and whatnot. My problem is that I don’t know how to plan how much to bring…. I mean, I could be there for a couple of days or a couple of weeks. There’s just no way to know! And yes, I could go home and get things as needed (or send Cody), but we live an hour away, so leaving won’t be our first choice.

So how does an obsessive, over-packing control freak plan this out?

We are going to use these lists:

(I skimmed these lists very quickly, and I feel like they’re missing things. Good thing I also have 500 pregnancy books to look in as well!)

We are going to cross reference them and pull out the things we don’t think are necessary (A water mister? Really? That will just piss me off, I can guarantee it). We will then think about the things I need on a daily basis for my own comfort (FANS. I need moving air and if it’s hot in the room, I’ll lose it!).  Finally, we’ll consider the essentials for both babies, mama, and Dad (the first list doesn’t say anything about bringing your breast pump!).

And then we’ll ask the doctor. Or whoever gives us our hospital tour.

Is there anything you think is absolutely necessary? Was there something you brought that you didn’t need?


PS – I will try to remember to post what we pack, if anyone is interested

17 thoughts on “Preparation H

    1. I heard they do in the states, but I’m not sure about here. I will ask the doc/tour guide though. I don’t wanna have to send the hubs out to buy some when we have 8 million at home lol

      1. Oh I keep forgetting we’re in different countries! Yes, they provide them here. In fact, they’re supposed to open a fresh package for each newborn and send you home with the leftovers.

  1. Also, I’m putting off packing my bag. And I’m about to be 36 weeks. Packing the bag makes it real.

    Because the swollen ankles and painful pelvis haven’t driven it home yet apparently.

    1. Lol, apparently for twins I was supposed to have the bag(s) ready by 28 weeks… I hear ya though. With everything we’ve done (stroller, cribs, etc) I thought THAT made it real, but I think the bag is gonna send it over the edge.

      1. I have to do it tonight. Like, have to. I was supposed to have it packed like a week ago at the latest. I’m asking for trouble. And all the women in my June birth club on fb are dropping like flies. Several that were due within a week of me popped this week. Scary.

  2. Are you intending to breastfeed? If not pack some fomula in case the hospital doesn’t have the brand you use.

  3. I was told not to bring our pump, so you might ask about that at the hospital too. Also, they have formula there so you may not need to bring your own. I’m not sure how it works in Canada.

    I think that I’m mostly trying to bring the essentials. Things actually in my bag so far: pajamas, a robe, slippers, nursing bras, some paperwork. Other things that will eventually go in: clothes, toiletries and such, a book, my ipod, my latptop (?), phone charger, clothes for baby, my GD supplies, my medicine, and that’s about it. My husband will pack his own bag with snacks and his necessities. We’re only supposed to stay in the hospital for 2 days at the most, but if need be, he can come back home. I’m hoping that he or my mom can bring something that smells like the baby home to the cats before the baby comes home.

    Wishing you all the best! Do you think I forgot anything important?

    1. I don’t think you forgot anything! You sound very prepared!

      For me, I will be bringing my pump anyway, since I have no intentions of trying to even latch. They can try to convince me all they want, and I’m just going to dig my heels in even more! For everything else, I’m going to see if there is a list available at my hospital. I’m worried about forgetting something essential and then all of a sudden my husband has to leave and I’m all alone with two babies and no clue what to do! LOL

      1. I understand what you’re saying. In our class, they only mentioned a few things to bring with. I have looked at lists online. I totally understand why you want to bring your pump. My insurance won’t even let me get mine until after the baby is born! Wishing you all the very best! ❤

    1. i’m going to be there minimum 3 days, apparently. I don’t own a nursing top, not sure if I ever will.. but I do intend on bringing food!

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