Another Gem

And they just keep on coming….



beanie: Ugh, I feel like crap.

Cody:   Uh oh, are you getting sick, peep?

beanie: I don’t know… but I’m currently timing what I believe are Braxton Hicks.

Cody:   Oh, ok. I’m on standby to run home. Are they painful?

beanie: No, just the regular. I had 3 in 10 minutes, but nothing since.

Cody:   Oh, are you worried? Is that too patterned?

beanie: LOL, it’s not patterned at all…

Cody:   Weird, maybe Banana is trying to break free from her spot.

beanie: Maybe, but I’m sure its just things getting ready. I still have my water, so that’s good lol

Cody:   Exactly. Screw Jeff Probst. Fire doesn’t represent life, water is way more important.

beanie: At least I have that quote in writing.





PS – I am still getting the BH, but like I said, they’re not patterned or painful.

6 thoughts on “Another Gem

    1. Right?! Half the time I don’t even know if they are BH or if it’s one of the girls moving/rolling. They’re running out of room a lot faster than a singleton (plus Banana is CHUBBY!), so I am guessing at least part of this is because of them being squirmy lol

  1. If you have 4 in an hour be sure to go in. That’s what they keep telling me…..but I never listen lol. The other suggestions I have gotten are to change positions, get something light to eat and drink a ton of water.

    1. I asked my doc about it and since I’ll be in there every week soon, he says that I only need to go in if there’s pain (there isn’t), leaking (there isn’t), or if they’re patterned (they’re not). I am lucky and get an ultrasound and check up every time I’m in the office, so they have a good eye on me and the girlies 🙂

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