Lasagna Babies

With the news that we’d be having these babies a week earlier than we thought, I got a little panicked. I always knew I wouldn’t be going to 40 weeks, however the original plan was to not go past 38 weeks. Yesterday, that changed and I was informed I’d now be induced at 37 weeks if I did not go into labor sooner.

I sat in the car, mildly panicking, telling Cody that there was still A LOT to do. I realized that this might be putting a lot of pressure on my husband, who has admitted that he is scared to hold the girls when they cannot support their own necks.

And with that, here’s another classic Cody moment:

beanie: Well, 37 weeks isn’t soooo bad. I mean, they’re considered full term by then.

Cody: Exactly! They’re cooked all the way through. Waiting for food to cool down is the worst part of cooking.

beanie: Uh… they’re not food. We’re not eating them.

Cody: I know that. I’m just saying, isn’t the worst part about cooking lasagna having to wait the 10 minutes for it to cool off? You know it’s ready and it’s just sitting there! So yes, I feel that 37 weeks is better than 38.

beanie: Because… they know they’re “done”…?

Cody: They know they’re done and they’re just going to pull them out of the oven. That’s how I like to eat my food. When it’s ready, it’s ready and I don’t like to wait. IT’S A METAPHOR. I’m not eating anything.

beanie: I don’t know why I don’t record you as soon as you start talking.


8 thoughts on “Lasagna Babies

  1. When Ansel came at 37 weeks I referred to him as “baby al dente” – cooked but a little but not overdone.

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