Calm Me Down 

I’m currently laying in bed, crying for the…. 5th? time in 7 days.  Not cause of my husband or in-laws, but because my Banana has decided she doesn’t want to move around much.

Turns out you can be 26 weeks pregnant, no complications (knock on wood) and still end up worrying constantly.

For three days now, Banana has been much less active than usual.  Normally, I get kicks to my ribs regularly during the day.  These last couple of days, though, I have to beg her to give me ANYTHING.  A couple big ones, rarely, but when I’m laying down, I can feel her wiggles, a few thumps, and some tickles.  I did the kick counts, and I easily get 15 in under 10 minutes.  The problem is that they are coming down right in the middle, so I don’t know who’s doing them!  I lay on my sides and they both move.  My doppler tells me their hearts are steady.  It’s just not what has be “normal” for Banana and I’m freaked out.  

Maybe Banana went from head down to breech?  

Ugh, if it was one day of this, I could deal with it.  But three?  Too long.

I called the hospital and was told to come in if I was concerned.  Unfortunately, Cody has our car and while he has decided to come home early, it still takes 2 hours because we opted to move to the middle of fucking nowhere.  It will then take another hour to drive to the hospital.  Again, if it hadn’t been three days if this, I would have waited until next Tuesday to see my OBGYN.  That’s too far away, though.

Give me strength, Lord.  I need to last another 8 weeks (minimum), at which point I will start worrying about the number of poops they have, how much they eat, and fevers.

I’m going to lose all of my hair.


17 thoughts on “Calm Me Down 

    1. Everything is good with Apple and Banana. I will be posting an update, though 🙂

      Thank so much for the kind words 🙂 xo

  1. Oh sweetie, I bet things are fine. Charlie didn’t move much for a few days and I worried too, but then she perked back up. I’m glad you’re getting checked though. I bet it’s absolutely nothing.

    1. Turns out everything is good. Further proof that I am going to worry until I birth these beauties and then every day for the rest of my life.

      Thanks again xo

  2. I hate that you’re worrying. I’d tell you to relax, but if it were me I’d be panicking about everything all at once, multiple times a day. I think it’s ok to worry, it’s a sign that you’ve already popped into mommy mode and have you’re babies’ best interest at heart. I have faith that after all you’ve been through that this is your chance to have everything go smoothly and according to plan. If you think you need to go to the hospital then go. No matter what. If you let anxiety take over you’re chest will ache from how heavy all your worries are. You’ll cry your self into the worst migraine and there will be times where you can’t breathe. Worry and doubt will try and bring you down, you just have to use all your ammo to fight back. You’ve gt this. You’ve built the best home possible for those babies until they are ready to come out. Everything is going to be ok,it has to be. You just need to try and breathe. I’m always here is you need me. xoxo

    1. You’re amazing. Thank you so much for always knowing just what to say and for being my ear/shoulder when I need ya!


  3. I’m so sorry, my friend. I hope you have gotten things checked out. I have had some really, really slow times too. I also worry a lot too. My anxiety has begun to take over a lot. I know I’m supposed to be really happy, and I am happy, but anxiety/worry seem to overpower it most of the time. You and yours are in my thoughts and I’m sending lots of love your way! ❤

    1. I did go and get checked. I never mess around when it comes to these chickens!

      Anxiety does seem to be so much worse for me as well! I assume the hormone surges do not help.

      Thank you so much for your kind words! I hope that things continue to progress with your and your little!


  4. Beanie this was the story of my whole pregnancy ! I thought once the IVF was over my worry would go away, but I was anxious the whole pregnancy. My girls never moved all that much in utero and I really didn’t feel movements very often. I relied on my doppler most times. Definitely get in for an u/s or NST test if you are worried, always listen to your instincts 🙂

    1. Thanks so much, K!

      Speaking of your girls – how are they?! How are you??? I am always hoping to hear from you!!

      1. Life is so amazing and hectic lol! Girls are three and a half months old now and are so much fun! One day I am going to get back to blogging, there just aren’t enough hours in the day lately lol.

      2. LOL I can only imagine! I’m so happy you all are doing well! I am getting so excited to meet my own set of princesses!! Any tips would be greatly appreciated 😉

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