Best Wife Ever?

Cody and I celebrate EVERYTHING. Our dating anniversary (today), our engagement anniversary (February 12th), our wedding anniversary (October 2nd). We do birthdays, holidays, and some stuff in between! We love to have a reason to go out, have dinner, and just be together. I don’t know if there were ever any other two people made more for each other than Cody and I.

I love presents. I love giving them maybe slightly more than receiving them, but I still love ripping open wrapping paper or a box and seeing what’s inside. To this day, Christmas morning is one of the most exciting times of year for me.

Cody like gifts as well, but he prefers homemade gifts. He likes the funny things I come up with, like my idea of writing things like “I Could Do Worse” on a balloon and giving it to him. More than that, he loves when I make him baked goods. Cookies, cakes, breads. He loves it all!

So, my friends, that it why I decided to make him brownies today. It’s our anniversary – we’ve been together for 8 whole years now! Yes, it falls on April Fool’s Day (that’s kind of telling, isn’t it?), but that’s pretty much because we don’t really know the day we started dating. It was at the end of March sometimes, so we just rounded up to April 1st. Easy peasy.

Anyway, I cannot wait to give him these brownies!  Um, I mean “Brown E’s”.

Because more than baked goods, Cody loves a good joke.

Happy Wednesday, people.


10 thoughts on “Best Wife Ever?

  1. Chief and I started dating around the end of March too (we went on a friends trip together with some other folks and our love blossomed-I know, gag me, but so sweet) so I basically just count our dating anniversary as my birthday 🙂

    1. That’s adorable. Our engagement is near my birthday (and valentines day), and thanksgiving and our wedding anniversary is near Cody’s birthday. Having something in April is nice to break it all up and celebrate us 🙂

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