Mes Petits Bébés

This is just a quick update after my doctor’s appointment today!

1.  Looks like I am suffering from Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction.  My pelvis is starting to separate a little, which is normal especially considering the double trouble in my uterus, which is why I am in pain.  Unfortunately, there is nothing that can be done to stop this from happening – I will just have to deal with it like a big girl.  Dr. B informed me that some people do get a belt to try and keep the pelvis “tight”, but this isn’t likely to actually help anything.  Tylenol and take it easy are my doctor’s orders.

2.  Sleep sucks and this is just another thing I have to deal with.  I cannot take Benedryl to induce sleep, much to my dismay.

3.  I’ve been cleared for travel!  So instead of dealing with my asshole in-laws for Easter, Cody and I are going to do something a little different and go to Ottawa to see my BFF and spend Easter with her.  I am to just try and take breaks during the car ride to alleviate any discomfort.  Thankfully, Ottawa is only about a 4 hours drive from my front door.


5.  My Rhogam shot will be administered at 27weeks rather than 28, only so that there isn’t a 3 week lull between my appointments.  Yay for needles in the ass 😦

6.  My babies are perfect.  They are measuring on time with Apple weighing 1 pound 2 ounces and Banana at 1 pound 3 ounces!  It took some coaxing, but a few hip sways and a pep talk were able to bring Banana out of hiding and we were able to complete her anatomy scan! Her profile is gorgeous and her heart is perfect. I don’t think I’ve ever loved two little beings so much in my entire life. Both little ones move quite a lot now and the ultrasound tech even got surprised by one of the big kicks Banana delivered during her exam.

Be happy, be healthy.


19 thoughts on “Mes Petits Bébés

  1. I am so happy to hear that both Apple and Banana are doing well! Too bad about the Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction and the fact that their is nothing they can do to help.
    Enjoy your trip to Ottawa. It sounds delightful! I haven’t been in a few years, but I so enjoyed it last time I was there for a conference.

    1. Thanks so much! I am in shock everytime I’m given good news about the babies. I guess loss will do that to you.

      Turns out we may not be going to Ottawa after all. My BFF’s grandma passed away last night.

  2. My rhogam shot was in the arm after they took my blood. I just thought you might want to know. I’m glad to hear that babies are doing well. I hope you are able to handle the pain of your new diagnosis. Enjoy your Easter visit with your friend! 🙂

    1. I had a Rhogam shot when I miscarried Bumble and it had to go in the hip/ass, so I’m guessing it’s going to be the same with this shot. It’s ok – anything for my littles!

      Turns out I might not be going to my friends house for Easter. Her grandma passed away today 😦

      I hope you are doing well!

  3. I love your happy posts and I love that the girlies are doing so well. They are yours so of course they are going to be beautiful! I can’t wait to see the masterpieces you and Cody created!

    Ottawa sounds like a WAY better plan than Easter with the in laws. I think I am going to try and get out of seeing Norma Easter weekend too lol

    Side Note: I’m wearing new polish. I think you’d approve

    1. You’re too sweet! I can’t wait to see the hair on these kids lol

      Lol fake sick and stay home and eat Cadbury mini eggs while watching a good movie (might I suggest The Conjuring? Wait – no. Watch Psycho and remind yourself why you’re at home rather than at your inlaws places lol).

      Ohhhh what color? I seriously need to write a post on that blog…

      1. Jeff wants to go tomorrow. Granted his Dad just had surgery and I like his Dad but he’ll probably end up working on the car and leaving me in the house so I’m considering staying home.

        Love The Conjuring. Annabelle was a huge let down though.

        It’s called majestic Mellon it’s a pinky red

  4. that stretching of the pelvis thing…OUCH!!! YIKES!!! No mam!!!! You are one tough cookie! And why can’t you take benedryl? I take that stuff all.the.time. now because my grandfather of a hubby likes to be in bed by 10 and I’m a night owl. Sooooo I have to take my two “bennies” to help me fall asleep. Although, I just recently quit taking them because they don’t seem to wear off until after 12pm the next day. That kinda makes for some unproductive mornings around these here parts. lol!

    Oh~and yay for perfect babes! exciting! xo

    1. Haha, it’s like everything unpleasant with pregnancy. I fought hard to get here and I can deal with temp pain for my girls 🙂

      The doctor doesn’t want me to take any medication other than Tylenol. I’d hears Benedryl was safe, but he won’t approve it :(. I was like you though!! But after a while, I was “hung over” for the better part of a day after a night with the bennies lol

  5. Hi there, can I ask how your Symphysis Pubic Dysfunction was diagnosed and what your symptoms are? I totally self diagnosing at this point, but think I might have the same. Thanks in advance and sorry you’re dealing with it!

    1. Hi! There wasn’t much to the actual diagnosis. The doctor focused on where the actual pain is (front and center, right in the pubic area), and what causes the most pain (what positions, activities, etc). No exam, no testing. I guess because it is “common”, they are able to identify it easily. And because the pain is a localized area, and in a pretty unique spot, it’s easy to identify. Or my doctor likes to placate me and send me in my way lol

      I hope you get a diagnosis and feel better! Though, if it’s SPD, it won’t get better for a while…. So i guess I hope you don’t have SPD 😉

      1. Thank you so much for the insight!! I have the most pain in that area when I do basic things like separate my legs to get out of bed or lift one leg to put on pants. Does that sound similar to you?

      2. Yeah it’s pretty much how I feel. Walking is harder now, rolling in bed, climbing out of the tub. The smallest moves cause the most pain :(. Having a super big pillow between the knees when going to bed seemed to help a little, but then some times not at all. It’s so random when it’ll flare up for me and when it calms down. However, the doc said it’s only going to get worse, so that’s fun :-/

      3. Ugh, so sorry! Thanks again for symptom sharing. It sounds familiar so I might be in for more fun. Hope you’re hanging in there. Eye on the prize/s! 🙂

      4. Haha, for sure! Just lay back and take it easy and when you feel a baby kick, it’s easy to work through the pain .

        Feel better and good luck, mama!

  6. The belt will help!! I wore one all the time and though I still had pain when wearing it, I was immobile the next day if I forgot it. Also, try searching for a prenatal yoga class. That always helped me.

    1. I’ve done some prenatal yoga, and it aggravated the SPD even more. My doctor explained that using the belt is an effort to keep the pelvis “together”, but it’s not likely to actually do that. Especially since it would have to be adjusted from time to time. I was talking about SPD with my friend the other day, and her doctor advised against the belt as well. Her midwives were even less enthusiastic about it! I’m going to take it easy and see if light water aerobics might help. If not, I’ll re-evaluate with the doc 🙂

      The belt might work for some – and if it does, that’s awesome! I am in no way telling people not to get the belt, just saying I won’t be for the time being.

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