I was born free in 1984. This was because there were people willing to fight for my freedom long before I was even a thought, before my Dad was even a thought. I was lucky enough to be born in this amazing country called Canada, and as much as I loved Iceland, I don’t think I could leave my homeland permanently. I appreciate that there are people throughout Canada (some in my husband’s family, even) who give up everything to ensure the safety of our country and it’s people. That’s all I’m going to say regarding my views on war-related issues since they get a little murky after that. They are definitely not as Ra-Ra as the citizens of some other countries…

Ok – on to my point.

I was driving on the highway, on my way to pick up my husband. As I passed a bridge, I saw a group of people standing on the bridge, waving their Canadian flags. Another bridge came up, and there were people standing on it too. It was then that it hit me: one of our soldiers died, and we’re bringing him/her home. Instantly, I started to get choked up and teary. First, I am sad for the soldier. Though they made the choice to join the forces, I am sure s/he did not want to die. Second, I am sad for the soldier’s family. Third, I am sad for Canada since we lost one of our own. Fourth, I am sad for other countries since their soldiers might not ever be found, might just be a number, might not have their life honored like we try to do in Canada.

google image
Sergeant Andrew Doiron – google image

Yes, I am pregnant, and this makes me more emotional than usual.  However, it is because I am pregnant that I feel so deeply about this.  My girls are going to be born into a free country.  They are going to have the automatic right to be able to say what they want, go where they want, be who they want to be.  It’s all because of men like Sergeant Andrew Doiron who are making this possible for my daughters.  And there is no way that I can begin to thank someone willing to protect my girls as much as Cody and I will protect them.

Thank you,


3 thoughts on “FREEDOM

  1. Last night I got emotional because someday i’m going to have to talk to my daughter about how lucky she is to be white, because I still live in a country where black people face dangerous and hateful discrimination. My daughter isn’t going to have to worry about being targeted by the police because of the color of her skin. These bigger issues really hit hard when we’re pregnant.

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