MY Evil Genius

I am 100% convinced that my husband is of the belief that if he does something bad enough, he won’t be asked to do it again.

I spent no less than 2 hours looking for Apple and Banana’s first ultrasound photos today.  First, I checked all of the obvious spots.  Then I started to get a little panicked and began ripping apart odd spots that my pregnant brain might have interpreted as “safe” for the photos.  No dice.  I began texting my husband, completely devastated and upset.  Cody tried to help the best that he could, considering he was sitting on a train, on his way home to me.  After running myself ragged, destroying the house rather than cleaning it, and sitting in a puddle of tears I decided to check the basement.  I knew I wouldn’t have put them there, but it was the last spot to look.  

… No luck.

I slowly got my big butt to the top of the stairs and started calling for Toby to get out of the basement (WHY do cats love going where you don’t want them to go??).  I stood looking down the stairs when I spot this grocery bag hanging from a nail right in front of my face.  I ripped it off the nail (how safe is this house??) and took it to our landing so I could look through the contents:  mail we never open, of course.  I’d never seen this bag of stuff and I definitely would not have put it where I found it.  That leaves one person….

I promise I will not yell at Cody, just please let these pictures be in here.  I swear I will not freak out as long as the pictures are here… Please please please….

And there they were!  Safe and sound, inside their original envelope! 

I quickly snatched my phone and “yelled” at my husband, instantly breaking the promise I just made.  I also explained that I was going to make cookies, but since it took 2 hours to find the pictures, he lost that treat.

I’m such a mom.

Turns out my dear husband was “listening” to one of my demands.  I’d complained that he never cleans, so in preparation for guests, he gathered all of our unopened mail, put it in a bag, then tucked it out of sight.  He didn’t look through the mail pile, so the unassuming envelope holding one of the most precious things to me went unnoticed and got piled with the junk mail.  And regular mail.

There we have it!!  Cody managed to get off the hook for cleaning any paperwork, ever again.


I rag on Cody a lot.  Most of the time, I feel like he does not get a lot of credit when I write about him.  But let me clear something up….

Cody is my very best friend.  He is patient, kind, so smart it drives me insane, and just a good person.  He has supported me 100% in anything I’ve ever wanted to do, whether it makes sense to him or not.  He has picked me up when I was sure I could not survive another minute.  Cody is the best snuggler in the world.  He called in sick to take me out for my birthday lunch last month (granted, he should have booked a vacation day…). He’s sat through horror movies, a Dixie Chick concert, and dinners with my cousin.  My husband compliments me every single day.  When Toby wakes us up at 3am for food/snuggles, my husband will get up to take care of the situation, so I can keep sleeping, even though  he has to get up at 4:30am.  I’ve never had to collect the garbage or shovel our driveway.  Remembering how much I love Asian mangos, my Cody surprises me with them when they come available at the market near his work.  And just tonight, the love of my life braved the Canadian winter wind to buy me bubble bath.  And just before getting into the tub, I got a kiss and a glass of cold Caffeine Free Diet Pepsi with a lemon wedge.  

He may not clean the house as often as I would like.  Cody may not always be conscious when I talk to him at 2am when my insomnia strikes.  My husband may even raise his voice when I start to go too far during an argument.  But his love for me is unconditional and all I need to get me up in the morning.  Cody is my person, the only one for me.


11 thoughts on “MY Evil Genius

  1. I’ve got to say, my husband “tries” to help me out a lot too. Most of the time I have to go back and redo what he did, like having to rewash the dishes in the dishwasher because he doesn’t rinse them off first and only puts dishes on the top rack, but there is no one like him. I’ll bet he is just as thankful to have you as you are to have him.

    1. I often wonder if one of us loves the other more. There are definitely times when I’m annoyed that it’s hard for e to remember just how happy Cody can make me. But 100% of the time, I know how much my husband loves me, which makes every argument worth it ❤

      Glad to hear your got a keeper too!

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