Mes Petits Bébés

This is just a quick update after my doctor’s appointment today!

1.  Looks like I am suffering from Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction.  My pelvis is starting to separate a little, which is normal especially considering the double trouble in my uterus, which is why I am in pain.  Unfortunately, there is nothing that can be done to stop this from happening – I will just have to deal with it like a big girl.  Dr. B informed me that some people do get a belt to try and keep the pelvis “tight”, but this isn’t likely to actually help anything.  Tylenol and take it easy are my doctor’s orders.

2.  Sleep sucks and this is just another thing I have to deal with.  I cannot take Benedryl to induce sleep, much to my dismay.

3.  I’ve been cleared for travel!  So instead of dealing with my asshole in-laws for Easter, Cody and I are going to do something a little different and go to Ottawa to see my BFF and spend Easter with her.  I am to just try and take breaks during the car ride to alleviate any discomfort.  Thankfully, Ottawa is only about a 4 hours drive from my front door.


5.  My Rhogam shot will be administered at 27weeks rather than 28, only so that there isn’t a 3 week lull between my appointments.  Yay for needles in the ass 😦

6.  My babies are perfect.  They are measuring on time with Apple weighing 1 pound 2 ounces and Banana at 1 pound 3 ounces!  It took some coaxing, but a few hip sways and a pep talk were able to bring Banana out of hiding and we were able to complete her anatomy scan! Her profile is gorgeous and her heart is perfect. I don’t think I’ve ever loved two little beings so much in my entire life. Both little ones move quite a lot now and the ultrasound tech even got surprised by one of the big kicks Banana delivered during her exam.

Be happy, be healthy.


Pain Tolerance

In my world, pain is divided into four categories:

Level 1 – mild
Level 2 – moderate
Level 3 – severe
Level 4 – intolerable

Of course, there should be a fifth category, but that would be “non-existent” and therefore irrelevant to my post today.

Here are examples of how I’ve rated pain in my life:

Level 1 – glucose testing, cat scratches, an IUI procedure. These are usually any type of pain that passes quickly and with minimal complaining.
Level 2 – PIO shots (any needles, actually), stubbing my toe, road rash, dealing with family. These are usually any type of pain that involves a considerable amount of bitching and moaning from me, with or without adding pressure to the area of pain.
Level 3 – period cramps, migraines, gas pains. These are usually any type of pain that forces me to complain on end, end up in a dark room or hot bath, with the added assistance of either Advil or other pain relief medications.
Level 4 – I can only think of two examples: miscarrying Bumble, my almost deadly biking accident. These situations have caused me to pass out due to the level of pain experienced. Body numbing medications were needed as well.

Recently, I have started to experience some aches and pains associated to pregnancy. I am only 23 weeks along, but since I’m carrying two little ones in me, I figured this would start to happen sooner than later. I do have back ache, I do get headaches, but this next one is new: complete pelvic pain.

Now, I knew my hips would hurt, but this isn’t really that. My public bone feels as if someone has kicked me 16 times in the vag, resulting in a level 2-3 in my pain categories – very strong, very painful, but not needing the use of medications to ease the discomfort quite yet – but I’ve taken quite a few baths to ease the pain. This pain will usually happen when I “overdo” it in a day… so, vacuuming, climbing the stairs, or sitting in the car too long. Really, doing anything other than watching TV for 6 hours straight. When my body doesn’t like my level of activity anymore, I will be hit with an overwhelming pain searing through my entire pelvis, causing me to cry out and start limping. I am unable to move my legs closer together, I can’t roll over in bed, and going from sitting to standing or vise versa is almost impossible. I will be unable to sleep, but if I do fall asleep, I wake up anytime I need to move even a little. This pain stays for at least a full day before easing.

All my research has pointed me to Pelvic Girdle Pain (PGP) , Symphysis Pubis Dysfuntion (SPD), and/or Diastasis Symphysis Pubis (DSP) – although this one is the least likely of all three.

Though I am an expert at self-diagnosis, this is not something I will be messing around with. I have another ultrasound and doctor’s appointment tomorrow, and rest assured, this will be my first concern to discuss with Dr. B. I definitely, definitely do not want this to get worse.

All I can say is that I’m very happy to not be working anymore!

Hope you’re all sleeping better than I am,


Wanna Know Something Weird?

I hate milk.  I didn’t drink a lot as a child, and as I got older, I just had a glass here and there when I “craved” it.  Mostly after eating ice cream.  Since becoming pregnant, I’ve tried to drink more milk, eat cheese, or even take a calcium supplement.  I don’t know that I’m doing so well, though.  I hate milk so much that I HAVE to drink it on the verge of being ice cold, and if I don’t chug the glass, I likely won’t finish it all.

What prompted this?  Well, I’m in out guest room, ignoring my husband, eating a peanut butter and jam sandwich instead of a proper dinner.  I added a glass of milk to round the meal out.

All of that aside – this is the weird part: no matter how fresh the milk is (I could literally just buy the milk and open a quart 2 seconds before), I always check to see if there are chunks before daring to even sip it.

Rotted milk scares me.


The Real Neat, Versatile Blogger (Awards)

Oh, my Grace, my sister-from-another-mister, my G-Unit.  Thank you so, so much for nominating me for these awards!  I love them and have so much fun doing them.  You, my friend, are such a wonderful person and I’m glad we’re friends!  Please go over and check out Planting Beans – you’re sure to love the blog and the blogger!



For more information about the The Versatile Blogger Award be sure to check out their blog.

These are the rules when you are nominated:

1. Post the award on your blog
2. Thank the person who nominated you
3. Share seven facts about yourself
4. Nominate 15 blogs
5. List the nominees and let them know

Seven facts, huh….

A)  I have my own crafting business and I make polymer clay ornaments.  I am thinking of branching out and adding a whole other side to the business that may include baby related items like blankets, bibs, and headbands.

B)  I love nail polish!  I own far too many bottles, most of them being pink.  However, since becoming pregnant, my nails seem to be a little more soft and so I have to keep them short, which does not make my fingers look long and skinny like I’d like.

C)  I hate flying.  When my husband booked a trip to Iceland to cheer me up/celebrate my impending 30th birthday last year, I was so happy, but devastated that we’d have to fly for 5 hours.

D)  I love playing board games and card games with friends or even with just Cody.  My favorites include Yahtzee, Skip Bo, and Cards Against Humanity (though I’m not proud to admit the last one).

E)  I have a recurring dream where there is a hair on my eyeball and when I go to pull it out, it slices my eye.

F)  I once pulled a 6’2″, 200+lbs man out of a picnic table, by myself, because he was having a seizure.  That man was my brother and I was only able to do it because I was completely terrified that he was going to get hurt if I didn’t get him on the ground and onto his side ASAP.  My husband was with me and didn’t even know what was happening until my brother and I  were both on the ground and I was screaming to Cody to call an ambulance.

G)  I have a goal to swim in all of the Great Lakes.  The only two remaining are Lake Superior and Lake Michigan. After, I will move on to the Oceans…. maybe.

That list was hard to generate…

My list of nominees, in no particular order:

WTF Ovaries
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I will post on each blog as soon as I can. Please excuse the generic copy/paste note I leave each of you….



The Rules
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4. Nominate any number of bloggers you like, linking to their blogs.
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The Questions and My Answers:
1.If you won the lottery who would you tell if anyone?
I would probably tell my parents, since I’d like to buy them their Winnebago. Other than that, I’d probably keep it a secret so I could actually donate money to charities, rather than my greedy brothers, haha.

2.Which fictional character can you most relate too?
From a book, maybe Siddalee from Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood. From TV, maybe Naomi from the new 90210 – only because I have that type of sass, sometimes.

3.What’s your guilty pleasure?
Food: Dill Pickle chips with Dill Pickle dip. Media: Pinterest

4.Who was your favorite band in high school?
Oh boy…. I loved Rancid for a while. Before that, I had my BSB/Spice Girl stages.

5.You’re moving to a different country and never coming back. You can take three living people/animals and three of your belongings with you. Who and what do you take?
Well, I am going to pretend that this happens tomorrow and I have yet to birth my two princesses. I would take my husband and two cats. My babies would join us later 😉 As for the possessions: I think I would bring my all of my photos, my diary, and my passport in case I wanted to come back.

6.How did you celebrate your last birthday?
My birthday was last month, actually! We had some friends come over and then we all went out to dinner. My husband bought me 1 gift every day for a week, which was thoughtful and fun!

7.What is something that people might not know about you?
People probably do not know how shy I am. I can put up a good front, but meeting new people gives me some serious anxiety and I always feel really awkward. I much prefer to be at home with my husband rather than at a group gathering. Also, when it comes to Fight or Flight – I always choose fight. Also, my ass is numb from sitting here and typing this for so long.

My Nominees:
The Barren Librarian
Eventual Momma
My Perfect Breakdown

My Questions for the Nominees:
A) What scares you about becoming a mom?
B) What is something that you’re talented at?
C) What is something that your partner does to annoy you?
D) Chocolate or Vanilla ice cream?
E) Would you want to be nominated for another award?
F) What is your favorite way to eat a potato?
G) If you could have unlimited, all inclusive, all paid trips to ONE place, where would you pick?

Once again, I will post on each blog as soon as I can. Please excuse the generic copy/paste note I leave each of you….

Thanks again, Grace!



I was born free in 1984. This was because there were people willing to fight for my freedom long before I was even a thought, before my Dad was even a thought. I was lucky enough to be born in this amazing country called Canada, and as much as I loved Iceland, I don’t think I could leave my homeland permanently. I appreciate that there are people throughout Canada (some in my husband’s family, even) who give up everything to ensure the safety of our country and it’s people. That’s all I’m going to say regarding my views on war-related issues since they get a little murky after that. They are definitely not as Ra-Ra as the citizens of some other countries…

Ok – on to my point.

I was driving on the highway, on my way to pick up my husband. As I passed a bridge, I saw a group of people standing on the bridge, waving their Canadian flags. Another bridge came up, and there were people standing on it too. It was then that it hit me: one of our soldiers died, and we’re bringing him/her home. Instantly, I started to get choked up and teary. First, I am sad for the soldier. Though they made the choice to join the forces, I am sure s/he did not want to die. Second, I am sad for the soldier’s family. Third, I am sad for Canada since we lost one of our own. Fourth, I am sad for other countries since their soldiers might not ever be found, might just be a number, might not have their life honored like we try to do in Canada.

google image
Sergeant Andrew Doiron – google image

Yes, I am pregnant, and this makes me more emotional than usual.  However, it is because I am pregnant that I feel so deeply about this.  My girls are going to be born into a free country.  They are going to have the automatic right to be able to say what they want, go where they want, be who they want to be.  It’s all because of men like Sergeant Andrew Doiron who are making this possible for my daughters.  And there is no way that I can begin to thank someone willing to protect my girls as much as Cody and I will protect them.

Thank you,


MY Evil Genius

I am 100% convinced that my husband is of the belief that if he does something bad enough, he won’t be asked to do it again.

I spent no less than 2 hours looking for Apple and Banana’s first ultrasound photos today.  First, I checked all of the obvious spots.  Then I started to get a little panicked and began ripping apart odd spots that my pregnant brain might have interpreted as “safe” for the photos.  No dice.  I began texting my husband, completely devastated and upset.  Cody tried to help the best that he could, considering he was sitting on a train, on his way home to me.  After running myself ragged, destroying the house rather than cleaning it, and sitting in a puddle of tears I decided to check the basement.  I knew I wouldn’t have put them there, but it was the last spot to look.  

… No luck.

I slowly got my big butt to the top of the stairs and started calling for Toby to get out of the basement (WHY do cats love going where you don’t want them to go??).  I stood looking down the stairs when I spot this grocery bag hanging from a nail right in front of my face.  I ripped it off the nail (how safe is this house??) and took it to our landing so I could look through the contents:  mail we never open, of course.  I’d never seen this bag of stuff and I definitely would not have put it where I found it.  That leaves one person….

I promise I will not yell at Cody, just please let these pictures be in here.  I swear I will not freak out as long as the pictures are here… Please please please….

And there they were!  Safe and sound, inside their original envelope! 

I quickly snatched my phone and “yelled” at my husband, instantly breaking the promise I just made.  I also explained that I was going to make cookies, but since it took 2 hours to find the pictures, he lost that treat.

I’m such a mom.

Turns out my dear husband was “listening” to one of my demands.  I’d complained that he never cleans, so in preparation for guests, he gathered all of our unopened mail, put it in a bag, then tucked it out of sight.  He didn’t look through the mail pile, so the unassuming envelope holding one of the most precious things to me went unnoticed and got piled with the junk mail.  And regular mail.

There we have it!!  Cody managed to get off the hook for cleaning any paperwork, ever again.


I rag on Cody a lot.  Most of the time, I feel like he does not get a lot of credit when I write about him.  But let me clear something up….

Cody is my very best friend.  He is patient, kind, so smart it drives me insane, and just a good person.  He has supported me 100% in anything I’ve ever wanted to do, whether it makes sense to him or not.  He has picked me up when I was sure I could not survive another minute.  Cody is the best snuggler in the world.  He called in sick to take me out for my birthday lunch last month (granted, he should have booked a vacation day…). He’s sat through horror movies, a Dixie Chick concert, and dinners with my cousin.  My husband compliments me every single day.  When Toby wakes us up at 3am for food/snuggles, my husband will get up to take care of the situation, so I can keep sleeping, even though  he has to get up at 4:30am.  I’ve never had to collect the garbage or shovel our driveway.  Remembering how much I love Asian mangos, my Cody surprises me with them when they come available at the market near his work.  And just tonight, the love of my life braved the Canadian winter wind to buy me bubble bath.  And just before getting into the tub, I got a kiss and a glass of cold Caffeine Free Diet Pepsi with a lemon wedge.  

He may not clean the house as often as I would like.  Cody may not always be conscious when I talk to him at 2am when my insomnia strikes.  My husband may even raise his voice when I start to go too far during an argument.  But his love for me is unconditional and all I need to get me up in the morning.  Cody is my person, the only one for me.