My Non-Italian Stallion

I love love LOVE my husband.

But I can’t stand watching him eat. He barely chews, takes huge bites of food, and crunches his food so loudly that we can never eat without the tv or music on.

Tonight, while eating at Boston Pizza, Cody decides to get the fettuccine. I stare in horror as he is about to stuff half of the dish into his mouth in one shot and start to reprimand nag him before he dares to embarrass me with this gross attempt at eating. I explain that he was given a spoon with his fork so that he could twirl the pasta before hastily shovelling it into his mouth. That is when, ladies and gentlemen, he gifts me with one of his spectacular responses:

“I don’t like using the spoon to twirl the pasta. It’s like winding something up, like a jack in the box. It’s unpredictable.”

(He then starts to twirl the pasta, just to demonstrate his point).

“Dada dada dadadada….” (Humming the jack in the box song)

“See, and then you get to the end and OOPS, too much pasta and you have to start all over again.”

Ugh, I just love him so much, for some reason.

Happy early Valentines day!!

With love,


13 thoughts on “My Non-Italian Stallion

    1. Speaking of eating – my husband wanted me to ask you if you’re ever eaten deep fried mayo-balls? Apparently this is a real thing….???? Ick.

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