Exciting News!

I had another ultrasound yesterday. In fact, I am one of the lucky ones who gets to see their babies every 2 weeks. I am so amazed because Apple and Banana actually look like little humans now!! It’s truly amazing.

As of today, I am 15W3D pregnant with two babies. WHAT?

During the ultrasound, I asked when we’d be able to find out the sexes. The tech said it was usually during the anatomy scan, but if she could see, she’s tell us. Banana, as usual, was being a pain in the butt and wouldn’t co-operate for a picture. In fact, my little Banana was facing my back, but in head down position, dancing away. We later realized that B was mooning us. Very much my husband’s child, my friends. Apple was very active as well but in breech position. At this point, it means very, very little.

Anyway! While looking to see if she could tell us what sex the babies are, this exchange happened….

TECH: Looks like Baby A – are you ready? Are you sure you want to know?


CODY: (smiling)

TECH: Looks like Baby A is a girl.

BEANIE: (oh Lord, I was a terrible little girl. It’s ok. It’s ok.)

TECH: Looks like it might be both. It’s hard to see between the legs.

BEANIE: (WHAT? BOTH? How can the baby have both parts???)

CODY: (I don’t know how you pick! How did this happen? How does this even happen? What do we do?!?)

Before we can voice our obvious concerns about Baby A have both male and female parts, the Tech continues…

TECH: Looks like both babies are girls.

BEANIE: (huge sigh of relief, with a couple of tears shed. I then realized I won the unofficial bet with my husband – I was right since the day we found out we were blessed with two, always calling them girls).

As for Cody – I asked him if we was a little disappointed since he thought we were having one of each. He said no, and I really truly believe him. He’s scared of cleaning a vagina, but other than that – he’s so happy. He is going to have two little girls who are going to adore him more than anyone. I also told him that he is going to be a good Dad – a man with amazing qualities that they’re going to try and find in their own partners one day.

So there we have it, folks. It will be confirmed in a couple of weeks since, again, Banana is my husband’s daughter and has a healthy stubborn streak already. But as it stands, we’ll be bringing home two little princesses in July!!


PS – The trans-vag ultrasound is not a thing of my past, as I had wished and hoped.
PPS – Dehydration is just something that happens, apparently. I have to continue to drink minimum 2L of fluid a day, but try to spread it out as much as possible. If it continues, we’ll revisit the issue. Blood work shows I am a fully functioning human being who shouldn’t be feeling awful.
PPPS – Next test is to check for Spina Bifida – ummmmm scary!! Rare, but scary.

29 thoughts on “Exciting News!

  1. I’m laughing and tearing up for you at the same time. I had a hunch they’d be girls when you blogged about acne. Super excited! So amped to find out what names you girl apple and banana!

    1. I had a sneaking suspicion, lol – though, if I’m honest – the idea of two girls turning out the way I was when I was little scares the crap outta me!

    1. There is a blood test and an ultrasound that looks at the spine in more detail. However, I am not sure if they do it at all clinics. I’m going to a clinic specializing in multiple pregnancy that’s also high risk (I’m diabetic, which apparently can increase the risks of spina bifida).

      1. If they know that, then they might have it already planned? You’d be at risk as well, since you were born with it as well (not to freak you out!!) – however, rest assured that the high risk is still only like 1% (according to my obsessive researching… which, admittedly, could be wrong. And 1% still freaks me the eff out!).

      2. Yeah I hear ya. I’m not sure but I’ll ask at my next appointment. I don’t think my appointments are anything near normal. I wonder if they would be able to tell at the anatomy scan

      3. I would assume so? The only thing I saw was that the blood test has to be done between 16 and 18 weeks, and anatomy (here) is always a couple weeks after that.

      4. I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed for you πŸ˜€ I’m sure your docs are more than happy to ease your mind!

  2. Super fun news! It is so weird. You imagine what you think you may want (boy/girl) and then you get what you get and it feels perfect! I always imagined a girl now i cannot imigine my life any differently with my boy! Its exactly how its supposed to be! Congrats!!!!

    1. I am totally fine with two girls, and my husband seems to be too. We’re just happy that everything is going well so far! Fingers crossed these little ladies stay put for a lot more weeks!!

  3. yay! This is so exciting!! TWO GIRLS!! If anything, this will save you money on clothes as they will hopefully be able to share πŸ™‚ And about cleaning the vagina…apparently my dad had issues with me at first. They had my brother first and so my dad was used to diaper changes with boys and so when I came along…well, lets just say he said there were too may creases for poop to hide in and he didn’t like it. lol!!

    1. Girls are scary only if they turn out like me. I was a terror – even I can remember some of the stuff I pulled. Then again, if they’re like my husband, they’re going to be stubborn and passive aggressive, so that’s not exactly an ideal combo either…. Regardless – I’ll take it πŸ˜€

      Yeah… diapers. As long and the better halves change ’em, who cares what bits are inside πŸ˜‰

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