Work Woes

My co-worker is going to hate me.

After my last IUI, I took time off due to OHSS. 5 weeks into my pregnancy, I took a day off because I was having pain in my abdomen. At the start of my shift on a random day into my 9th week of pregnancy, I left after a visit to the washroom because I thought I was spotting (turns out I was dehydrated, and my urine was so dark it looked like blood). At 11 weeks I took a Friday off for an ultrasound. At 12 weeks I booked off a Wednesday because I was scared about Baby A’s heartbeat being mildly low and then the Friday that week for another ultrasound (they only do “big” twin ultrasounds on Fridays at the hospital I’m going to).

And now today. I called in 3 minutes before my shift was to start because I don’t have any car keys. They are locked inside the car… Baby brain at its finest, my friends. I feel like crap today, though, so it’s not like I’m playing hooky on a sunny, warm day that I’ll spend on the beach. Nope, it’s another possible-dehydration-induced-headache-bordering-on-migraine day. I’ll be spending my time on the couch with my Toby-Bear and Asi-Cat, trying to nap and not puke.

Speaking of dehydration – I’m at a loss. Thankfully, I’m seeing my high-risk OB tomorrow, but honestly… I really don’t know what to do anymore. I’m drinking minimum 2L of fluids a day, and I’m still getting the scary dark urine. Water is not being absorbed for some reason!! I’ve tried Gatorade, but let’s be real – I had enough of it while plagued with OHSS, it’s not exactly my favourite thing now. I’m trying to eat more melons since the sugar in them apparently helps the fluid to stay in your blood stream, but again – not always helping. I have a fear that my babies are suffering in some way because of this, and that scares me. On top of that, I’m terrified that I’m going to be put on an IV tomorrow. Even if it’s not as painful as I remember; even if it’s only for a few hours… What happens in a few more days when this crap starts up again?

Apple (Baby A) and Banana (Baby B)… You two make me so happy and so worried each and every moment of the day. I can’t wait to see what you two bring me in July!


23 thoughts on “Work Woes

  1. I’m not sure of this, but isn’t a litre about 30 ozs? If so, 60 ozs isn’t a ton of water. My midwife told me to drink a full gallon, about 4 litres. That said, it still sounds like something might be going on. Are you getting salt from foods? Salt in the right amounts will help you better absorb water.

    1. Apparently my fluid intake is more than enough, but for the time being, try to increase and not take it in all at once. Steadily, through the day might prove to be more effective.

  2. you do what you gotta do to keep those babes healthy, and don’t feel guilty about it for a single minute!! They’ll understand. And if they don’t, I’ll kick them for you. 🙂

    I’m right there with you on the dehydration front. It is SO infuriating. Some days I feel like I drink enough that I could just float away… Fingers crossed you don’t need an IV! Enjoy your day of rest on the couch!

    1. Right?! I’m over water… and Gatorade. I am just happy everything appears to be going normally, and I am just the lucky one to experience the negative effects. Anything for these babies!

      Thanks so much for the kick offer – wanna make a trip up to the Great White North and make good on the offer? 😉


  3. Twins?!?!? Omg i totally missed a post somewhere along the way! How insanely exciting! Congrats buddy!

    I feel like work and pregnancy are two things that just dont go as nicely as pb and J… Or pb and honey… Or pb and honey. Pb and apple butter is surprisingly delightful. Where was I?

    1. Yeah, two little chickens growing in my belly. It’s exciting annnnnnd a little terrifying. My husband is worried about “messing them up”, where as I am worried about how the eff you feed them at the same time when you’re alone….

      Yeah, I’m going to be leaving work soon. Fuck this shit. 😉

      1. lol I’m pretty happy that you got preggers first. Now I know exactly how I’ll feel and react to a good portion of it all lol

      2. TRUE! So, mostly terrified. But really, really happy! You will not take it for granted 😀

        I can’t wait for you to get pregnant!!! I really want to know their names. I wouldn’t doubt we picked the same ones lol

      3. You know what, that wouldn’t surprise me in the slightest. Twins run so heavy in my family too. My Dad is a twin his mom is a twin with another set of twins for siblings, there are twins on my moms side too. I keep telling Jeff we’ll be a one and done and wind up with four on the first go. He doesn’t think I’m as funny as I do though lol

  4. Dehydraton is something i am all to familiar with. 60 ounces is a great deal of liquid. Have you tried getting an iv rehydration? Perhaps you just need a boost to get you back to “normal”

    1. They looked at everything in my blood work and determined I am a “perfect bill of health”, so I am to increase my fluid intake and see where it gets me. I have an appointment on Wednesday next week, so if there are still issues, I will bring it up then.

      1. Yeah I’m nowhere near that, and it is not possible for me lol. My bladder would leave my body through my ears.

  5. I hope that you are feeling better and that your appointment tomorrow goes well. I am sure that your co-worker understands that you have a lot going on. I wouldn’t stress over that. Just take care of you and your babies! ❤

    1. Thanks so much! Nothing comes before the health of my two chickens, but I still have a hard time when I feel like my co-worker might think I am taking advantage of her (and I really, truly am not!). I’m going to talk to her on Friday.


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