Sweater Part 2

Hello, friends.

I am a chunky-monkey.  In fact, a lot of my user names are “ChunkyDunkBeanie”.  So what you were seeing in my last post was a pudgy, bloated Beanie, showing off my new sweater that I don’t really like and that my husband literally cringed at.

It is also my first baby-belly photo at 8W5D pregnant.

with love,


I will give full details soon.  I PROMISE.  I need a nap right now though!

22 thoughts on “Sweater Part 2

  1. I knew it! I knew it so hard I knew it! I’ve been checking back here so often because I just knew you were pregnant, especially after you told me you were great but would e-mail me back soon… I so knew it girl. I just knew it! I’m so incredibly pumped up and excited for you! I wish I had seen this before I mailed out your xmas card. Congrats Beanie! Now send me some of that baby dust so I can get preggers and can make the drive to you so our kiddos can have play dates. Man, I’ve told Jeff a million times since your last post that I you had to be preggers. You just had to be! It was the only logical explanation! I knew it! lol

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