Christmas Eve is Upon Us

My friends and fellow bloggers,

I wanted to wish you all a very merry Christmas,  happy holidays,  fun festivities…  You get what I’m saying.

And also,  in case I don’t write in a while,  happy new year!   I hope 2014 was good to you all,  and if not,  that 2015 makes up for it!

With love,


Sweater Part 2

Hello, friends.

I am a chunky-monkey.  In fact, a lot of my user names are “ChunkyDunkBeanie”.  So what you were seeing in my last post was a pudgy, bloated Beanie, showing off my new sweater that I don’t really like and that my husband literally cringed at.

It is also my first baby-belly photo at 8W5D pregnant.

with love,


I will give full details soon.  I PROMISE.  I need a nap right now though!


What do you think of the sweater Phillippa bought me?

…longer pause…
I like it. It’s not really your style, though, is it?
It looks soft!

For the record, he’s right. It’s not my style, but it IS soft!