I wanted to quickly update that I received an amazing mug in the mail from Miss Erica, my mug exchange gifter!

This lovely mug travelled for
Quebec to Ontario without a problem and is now safely in my cupboard, waiting to be filled with some tea. I also have a whole new array of socks I am ready to use, so be on the watch for random sock pictures! They won’t be my feet in stirrups, because we all know I won’t need another IUI!!

Thanks again, Erica! You are far too generous! I love everything (maybe especially the card?!)

Much love from your TTC sister,



For the life of me, I could not get this picture to post higher in this blog post. Stupid iPhone.

OHSS is Lame

I made it through the weekend.  And though I had a note from my doctor not to work until Monday, my boss guilt-tripped me into going to work yesterday for an hour and a half.  Standing and bending repeatedly ran a toll on my body and when I got home, I was feeling like complete shit.  Cue the Gatorade guzzling challenge.

Overall, I am feeling better.  My bloating/swelling has gone down and I no longer look 7 months pregnant.  However, I have some serious moments of queasiness and nausea, though I’m trying to get used to it, cause I know I’m going to be confirmed pregnant by the end of this 2WW.

I have called my doctor and reported that I did not take the medication because it was a Friday and my small ass town doesn’t have a pharmacy that carries the medication.  It would only be available on Monday because they have to order it is.  Ella told me that she thinks I sound better, but I need to be careful because the symptoms can reappear.  I am to continue sucking back Gatorade… which I’m over, by the way.  I hate Gatorade now.

As far as symptom spotting goes, I’ve had a few sharp twinges near my tubes/uterus/ovaries (don’t ask me – I know nothing about my reproductive system and where things are situated).  I told myself it’s far too early for it to be an implantation cramp – and then I turned that frown upside down and decided it must be implantation!  It’s just early because there are two getting comfy.  I am also getting AF-like cramps, which is not unusual with progesterone.

Cody won’t let me do much, which I am LOVING.  I am a woman who was born to be doted on, I’m telling you.  He throws out the term “PUPO” constantly, and it’s adorable.  I can’t wait to tell him he’s going to be a daddy.  I can’t wait for him to feel our babies kick.  I can’t wait to watch him hold them for the first time.  He’s going to be amazing.  He already is.

Anyway. it’s time for work.

4 days down in the 2WW.  Many more to go.

I hope everyone is doing well!