IUI#7 Complete

Today was as good as yesterday!  With the exception that I woke up in a huge amount of pain, causing me to nag my poor husband all morning.

The news from the doctor is this:  I ovulated all of my eggs last night, most likely 4 – 5.  Quality over quantity, my friends – which is not necessarily how I like my Christmas gifts.  My estrogen didn’t climb too much higher, which is good, and my level is OVER 5000.  WHAT?!  No wonder I’m not feeling so lovely.  Cody’s sperm wash was good again, 36 million, 60% motility.  Since I am in considerably more pain today, I was given the instructions to stay at home and relax until Monday.  They want me to take Dostinex for the next 8 days and keep up with the 1L of Gatorade.  I am supposed to call in on Monday and let them know how I feel, then it’s progesterone check on Wednesday.

I might skip the Dostinex since it’s so expensive.  If I am not moderately better tomorrow, I’ll fill the prescription.  Sleeping, liquids, and snuggly kittens have helped a bit so far.  It’s really only painful to stand, sit, sneeze, walk, and drive over potholes.


My next goal is to shower.  I’m a greasy, gross mess.  Though, it IS Halloween…..

This is my jack-o-lantern!  It's "Oogie Boogie" from The Nightmare Before Christmas
This is my jack-o-lantern! It’s “Oogie Boogie” from The Nightmare Before Christmas

My socks were not nearly as fabulous today, but none the less, here they are:


Have a good weekend, friends.  I really hope you’re all doing well.  Oh, and please check out Ramblings from a Barren Heart –  she’s starting an online book club and it’s sure to be fabulously fun!



6 thoughts on “IUI#7 Complete

  1. Based on your photo, it looks like you’re doing this, but . . .push the salt and water! You are definitely in OHSS territory, and it SUCKS! Enjoy the excuse to eat french fries and other salty goodies! And yay! for good IUIs!

    1. Right?! I’m so happy that everything seems to be going well, even if I’m uncomfortable 90% of the time. What is TTC without being uncomfortable?

  2. Oh my gosh…YES! The potholes! I remember after my transfer (I already had moderate OHSS) we had to drive three hours home and I held on to the “OH SH^& handle up by the door the whole way to help pull me off the seat so that I wouldn’t feel every bump on the road. IT.WAS.AWFUL!

    1. Seriously. I was so upset Cody was driving over the potholes, I started to cuss him out and then cry LOL. I’m hoping this is over soon!!!

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