Exclamation Points Everywhere!

I was triggered today!  The ultrasound didn’t hurt (after some explicit instructions to the tech to be nice to my vagina)!  And I came home and had a glorious 3 hour SLEEP with my kitten.

I am happy, a little tired, and have way more to say – but it has to wait.  I think I’m going to eat and then sleep again for a bit.  IUI Numero Uno x 7 is tomorrow, IUI Numero Dos x 7 is on Friday!


10 thoughts on “Exclamation Points Everywhere!

  1. Every. Single. Time. I get the ultrasound done I say, “and if you would, please pull the wand out just a smidge before moving from one side to the other.” You have to be your own advocate otherwise your ovaries become hockey pucks! Fingers crossed for you!!!

    1. It’s so true. I would explain myself to this tech, but she doesn’t seem to understand why I’m so sensitive. I don’t know what got through to her though, cause two days in a row and there’s been no trouble finding lefty!!

      Thanks so much!

    1. They gave it to me… They monitor my ovaries until the exact right moment and then BAM! Needle in the belly 😉 Its no big deal, just a little pinch. You’ll do fine! All of my hormones for the last 13 days are delivered the same way and we did them at home ourselves. No ice, no heat required.

      1. It’s so true. My husband does the shots for me, and I’m fine with it. I had to give myself a Lupron shot and I hesitated and got a little freaked out… long story short, it’s two weeks since that shot and my bruise is not one bit faded LOL.

        Fingers crossed for you as well!!

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