I’m Ready

To whoever is reading this.  To whoever is listening.  To whoever might be mildly interested or be deeply invested.  To any and all of the powers-that-be…


I’m ready to be triggered.  I don’t know if my ovaries will give that same testament tomorrow, but I’m ready.  I do not want to put another follicle-stimulating, mood-swing-causing, bloat-and-nausea-inducing injection into my body for the rest of this cycle.

I’m ready to start having a full 8 hours of sleep instead of getting up before 5AM just to drive to the clinic for a traumatizing ultrasound.

I’m ready for all of the “horrible” pregnancy symptoms.  I want to puke, I want (more) stretch marks, I want food aversions, I want to feel fat(ter).  I will not complain – I will love each and every second of it, knowing my baby is getting bigger, healthier, and happier by the second.  And hey, I’m already tired all of the time because of the injections/progesterone/lack of sleep, so I’m ready to be exhausted too.

I’m ready to be a mama.  When I hold a baby, I tend to let the parent(s) and viewers give me “tips”.  Truth be told – I do that for their benefit.  I know how to hold a baby.  I know how to feed them, burp them, get them to stop crying.  I know how to pass a baby from one person to the next.  However, I let the parents tell me what to do cause I know that it makes them less nervous if I sit there and follow their instructions.  Here’s a secret though:  I have 8 – that’s right, 8 – nieces and nephews.  I’ve held, fed, burped, and changed most of their diapers.  I’m ready.

CD 14 tomorrow.  Bring on the good news and trigger shot.  I’M FREAKIN READY!


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