Oh, hey!  Long time no…see…?

I don’t really know where to start!  I guess this is going to be one of those generic updates.

October 13th:  Thanksgiving day AND Cody’s birthday!  I woke up feeling irritated and it was only intensified when Cody received a text message from one of his sisters and she was bitching at him because he wasn’t going to their parents place that day.  I told him to go for it – he doesn’t need my permission – and went to lay down.  We got into a heated conversation where I ended up explaining for the 186th time that I don’t appreciate the bullying his family does to us.  If we say we can’t show up for some occasion, we will inevitably be attacked by someone in his family until we give in and go over.  My own parents are very hands-off with us, and that’s probably because they realize we’re adults, living in our own house, creating our own little family.  We don’t have to go to birthdays, BBQ’s, and holidays if we don’t want to.  My parents get it – Cody’s parents seem to still think he’s 14 and needs guidance on how to live life.  OVER IT!

Oh, and I got my period about 15 minutes after we ended the conversation.

October 15th – I’m in the beginning of my very long work week and wouldn’t you know it, off to the clinic at 4:45AM.  I have the most second most mortifying transvaginal ultrasound of my life and once again, good ole lefty cannot be found by this terrible ultrasound tech.  My RE thinks we should still go ahead with an IUI and believes the left ovary will “come out of hiding”.  We reluctantly agree.  Lupron flare up protocol and back to the clinic in a week.   Blood results from the scary blood panel I had completed reveal everything is normal, however my RE suggests baby aspirin in my 2WW this time…

October 18th – FINALLY THE WEEKEND!  I take Cody for his birthday adventure – Archery lessons!  I actually participate and find it a lot of fun!  I am “injured”, with a weird circular bruise in the middle of my forearm (where the string was vibrating against).  AND – my arrow ended up getting closest to the center.  Later that night was Cody’s “surprise” party.  It was a great time!  One hiccup – I had to discreetly give myself the Lupron injection, which I messed up.  I squirted out half a dose and ended up having to poke myself twice.  I have a HUGE bruise on my stomach, which I may be using to guilt Cody with.

October 21st – My day off, but I’m again heading to the clinic at 4:45AM.  Once there, I explained to Manuela that I’m annoyed with the ultrasound tech because it’s been weeks and she has not been able to find my left ovary.  I’m not comfortable with doing injections and an IUI and we don’t even know what’s happening on the left side.  My RE is useless as he seems to believe that if there was anything going on, we’d see it … which proved to be bullshit last IUI.  Lena came back from vacation and found the very active left ovary in 5 seconds and no one was able to find it in the week she was gone.  Anyway, when Manuela is finished drawing my blood, she marches over to the ultrasound tech and started to give her shit/pointers, explaining that it’s really important to find the left side.  Up on to the table I go, and after a painful 10 minutes, there’s the left side.  Congrats, genius.  I guess it was there the whole time….  Honestly, this tech will single-handedly make me leave this clinic.  Anyway, there are about 5 follicles going and I’m disappointed with this number.  I know, I know – it only takes one egg and one sperm.  My Lupron dosage is lowered even more and I’m on 300 units/night of Bravelle.  My B-Complex vitamins are helping, but I’m working with my incompetent co-worker today, so I don’t know how well I’ll be able to contain the rage.

So that’s it.  I’m still working out, but my eating has been getting a little worse.  I’m down about 10 pounds, which I’m happy about.  I will be making my meal plan tonight and getting back to being more strict.  During my IUI week, I’ll stop anything strenuous and only walk/yoga.  After that, I’ll go back to the gym and work out, but avoid certain exercises and machines.  I jumped the gun on joining the gym, but I had to do something!  I don’t regret it.

I’m back to the clinic tomorrow to see where I’m at.  I’m hoping for a Tuesday trigger, IUI on Wednesday and Thursday (my days off next week).  And two weeks after that, I’m hoping for a strong, sticky, BFP!

Oh, and I got my name for the mug exchange!  Just a hint – I follow you, and you follow me.  We are also both from this big beautiful country called CANADA!  I’ll be mailing my mug out this weekend….

Hope you’re all well!


2 thoughts on “M.I.A

  1. Cody’s parents sound an awful lot like Jeff’s Mother. The difference is that it’s ok for his brother to skip birthdays and holidays… Just not us.

    It sounds like you’ve been pretty busy. but it a good way. Your clinic sounds like a nightmare. When I had my ultrasound done they hard a hard time finding my left ovary. I was concerned it meant something was wrong. I didn’t realize it could float around when ever it pleases.

    Awesome about your mug name! I was hoping for a fellow wordpresser but my name is only on Instagram and I don’t use Instagram to post ttc stuff lol she is pregnant from IVF tho so at least I can buy a nice congrats card. I have my mug but am not quite ready to mail it out. I’ll send it after we move 🙂

  2. whooo hooo for an update! If it wasn’t for Facebook I would have been stalking you 🙂 hehe! Oh girlie I can’t tell you how hopeful I am that this is the LAST IUI you will need to do for a LONG time because of a BFP! Try to think and speak nothing but positives. I’ll be doing the same for you.

    Oh…and when I was doing injections and had bruises all over my tummy and arms (blood work), I often showed the Hubs several times a day in hopes it would cause him to feel sorry for me 🙂 No shame 🙂

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